Best dirt bike parts

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Best dirt bike parts

Explorer fork and shock are very soft which makes for a cushy ride at a casual pace it might even be overkill you grab a handful of front brake the fork dives excessively when you get into ups it's easy to use up all the rear suspension travel [Music] we get it Husqvarna is aiming to make this bike a comfy cruiser type of bike we often get questions about unplugging any dual sport dirt bike parts  if you really decide you want to go down that road be aware that it has to start with EFI mapping which technically turns the bike into a closed course competition machine that's tricky because the EFI unit is long but without a changes in the exhaust your intake will actually make the bike run worse as far as the d-o-t stuff goes it's actually very good this is when the very first dual sport test bikes that still has all of its blinkers and d-o-t stuff after a few weeks of riding usually that stuff falls off immediately so far so good the license plate bracket actually is a little vulnerable especially if you put on a naughty this year Husqvarna dropped the 250 and the 450 dual sport bikes leaving only the 350 and the 501 not too many riders will miss the 250 which was a fun bike but very expensive the 501 is great but you have to be a fan of big boards which aren't for everyone that means the 350 will be Z bike that's right for most riders it's truly a great motorcycle they can be taken straight into the dirt and stock form  stay tuned for more dual-sport videos from swm motorcycles magazine and as always go to dirtbike for all the latest news tests and info.

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culture and white Martian alert oh good you guys welcome back to Tori's trails all right now the McKenzie cream that didn't you Porsche for this this slip this migrant secrets essentially a firebreak road runs a lot of the creeks so yeah it's kind of nice and so you get pretty wet through yeah but it looks pretty dry at the moment so we're good test for these guys because little do they know that there's a very few couple of very sandy sections up ahead interesting to see how they go on those which will and warm up the desert riding para mind that we are all loaded so I don't have maybe ten to fifteen kilos of gear these guys have at least that so you know little heads-up makes you bike and a little bit.

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Differently offroad it's got to be aware of it right to the limitations and keep your bike oh yeah it's all good get a bit of footage of these fellas getting upset the pigs Richard's got a lot of  on his swm motorcycles love it what see woodsy running I'm not sure he's penny a system but Trey is running the Moscow I think the Bosco Moscow any of Moscow 60 I don't know Moscow 40 maybe even don't know but yeah we've got enough gear for a couple of relaxing days of camping out in the desert so yeah stay with us of tourist trails and should get some good food good for each the next two days should be good fun what's the rats here they're all dry rats but you sort of have to watch it I get stuck because I like to take you back in certain places like that one it's gonna keep you on the trails really Oh a little kid now hey guys look over Korea little kid now off you go mate get onto that fence get onto that fence can you get onto the fence

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