Best Artificial Intelligence Course

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Best Artificial Intelligence Course

The good news is, to become an AI expert the aspirants need not have coding experience. Moreover, after the course completion, one would be able to choose their profession from among the wide range of careers in AI based on their prior experience.

However, listed below are the eligibility criteria for the top five careers in AI.

Machine Learning Engineer

Eligibility: The candidate should have worked on Java, Python, and Scala

Data Scientist

Eligibility: The aspirant should be well-versed on Big Data Hadoop tools like Hive, MapReduce, PIG, Spark apart from hands-on experience in Scala, Python, SQL, etc.

BI Developer

Eligibility: Candidates with strong problem-solving skills, good communication skills which can help them communicate with the other non-technical people in the team are required. However, considerable experience in data warehousing, data mining, SQL, and BI technologies would be an added advantage.

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