Benefits of P shot for Men

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Dr Marcia Harris
Benefits of P shot for Men

The P shot for ed NYC with regenerative medicines provides a long-lasting improvement in their sexual health and helps with sensation, healing, and circulation.  The process uses the patient’s blood to remove platelet-rich plasma by adding regenerative medicine from the Wharton Jelly of the Umbilical cord. The treatment does not use any drug or surgery. The process is both practical and safe for men with erectile dysfunction caused by various health issues consisting of diabetes and poor circulation. It comprises expanded prostate, side effects from surgery, prostate cancer, and side effects from prescribed medication. Platelet-rich plasma and regenerative medicine used for a long time for several medical concerns.


Many other treatments require you to take pills or cream; P shot for men in the injection is painless and possible. It is a non-surgical treatment used to enhance the size of the penis. The P shot is effective for improving the sexual performance of men and increasing their penis size. A majority of men with erectile dysfunction is between the age of 35-70. The P shot works by yeilding your plasma, centrifuging the platelets, and then injecting it into the areas of the penis. This process is successful.


Platelet-rich plasma generates from your blood, P shot will first pull out your blood. Then, platelets and growth factors segregate. Only platelet-rich plasma is left that revitalizes your penis, and it is effective in improving your sexual health. After receiving a P shot, you can experience a prolonged and firm erection. It also lowers your chance of premature ejaculation through enhanced sensitivity and control.


Benefits of P shot for men


 P shots for men not only enhance blood flow to the penis. It is a nonsurgical treatment that boosts both penis length and girth. Several men experience better girth with a P shot. PRP has some incredible benefits. Some of the services are:


Longer and Firm Erection

Penis enlargement

It helps in reduced premature ejaculation

Better sexual sensation

Enhance Pleasure

Increases confidence


P shot is a simple process, and it takes only 30 minutes to complete. Before giving the injection, apply numbing cream, so there is no discomfort. There are no side effects of the P shot as made from your blood. The P shot results are visible in 3 weeks, with healing and revitalization takes up to 8-12 weeks with the following treatment.

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