Basic Dim Sum Etiquette You Should Know About

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Basic Dim Sum Etiquette You Should Know About

Basic Dim sum etiquette you should know about

Dim sum, as a dish, originates from small roadside establishments in Canton that served tea along with other snacks of sustenance for rural workers or weary travelers. These simple Cantonese tea snacks eventually became the main meal course though tea is, of course, still served.

A visit to Dim sum restaurants has gradually become a task of interest to many people as there’s no better way to spend the weekend mornings than to order a delightful taste. While visiting Asian restaurants in Tampa for their Dim sum, the following are basic etiquette you know.


Start with the tea.

Most Asian restaurants in Tampa give you tea as soon as you first settle down. While this is not just a formality, tea is a major item in most restaurant Dim sum. These restaurants have a handful of tea varieties you can choose from just in case if you prefer it over their house tea. Check if the tea gets steeped enough before you pour.



Ordering for meals in Asian restaurants in Tampa is quite easy. You just sit and let the meals come to you. Servers push around carts containing the dishes and will offer you each one of the two or three dishes their cart carries. If you’re interested in the dish they offer, just nod to signify acceptance but if you can’t find a meal of choice in the dining room, it is advisable to ask for the one of your choices. Large restaurants of Dim sum can bring you a fresh dish straight from the kitchen.


Cart chasing.

Contrary to what people might think, cart chasing is perfectly acceptable in most Asian restaurants in Tampa. You cannot overrule the possibility of seeing your favorite dish on a cart at the other side of the dining room. Getting out of your seat in search of the perfect dish you want on the other cart is perfectly normal as far as you don’t just swoop in and steal the last one of a restaurant Dim sum dish.


The more; the merrier.

As you’ve known or learned, most restaurant dim sum dishes come served in steam table trolleys which get pushed around from table to table. Diners get expected to make their orders by pointing at the dishes they so want which usually comes in small plates. The more people you have at your table means that the more dishes you are likely to order. Bringing loved ones to dim sum Asian restaurants in Tampa means a better eating experience for everyone.



Chopsticks are the most common utensils in Asian restaurants in Tampa but if you don’t feel like using one, ask for a fork. When not using the chopsticks, the basic rule is not to spear your food with them or leave them sticking straight up in a bowl of rice instead lay them horizontally on the edge of the plate.

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