Basic 5 SEO Tips for every website in 2021!

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Basic 5 SEO Tips for every website in 2021!

Nowadays, most of the things and facts have changed in the terms of search engine optimization – and there’s a lot of SEO tips out there. With so many SEO tips & techniques, it’s become almost unlikely to decide which ones have to implement and which you can reliably ignore.

But here are some 5 Basic tips that may help any business to rank or leads to increase your page engagements:-


1. Using optimized video for your content

Visual/video content is more important than ever to manipulate bounce rate. Don’t let budget limits you from getting into the competition. Besides voice recordings and motion graphics, there are plenty of options available.

2. User intent should be the priority

Including user intent search queries while doing keyword research with voice search queries, like questions, to support those user intent queries.

3. Focus on building Authority & Trust

If you’re a rookie, it’s persisting to be hard to face a website that’s been around for several years on the web and maintain its authority among users.

Creating great content and pages helps to build your expertise whether you’re an individual or a company. Content should always support your SEO and enterprise goals.

4. Focus on User-Friendly content

SEO is eventually about personalities. And most of the search engines like google, yahoo, and bing favor user-friendly content on the web. Learn about personas, the behavior of humans towards a website, and trends, in addition to the technical part of SEO.

5. Customer Citations

Putting together a plan for customers to ask for reviews or comments on products or services to be provided.


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