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Auckland Weatherboard

Taylor Superclad promote best practice and high service standards for installation of pre-clad lining and cladding products. Our focus provides excellent service to each and every customer Auckland Weatherboard project. Our team are your experienced cladding install partners for people looking at building their next home or local builders in search for a high quality material and finish in the Auckland region. As well as being aligned with a top of the line supplier and able to bring you solutions for your cladding or Weatherboard Installation in Auckland.


Taylor Superclad knows that fire was to break out then it would destroy both kinds of houses. Weatherboard houses are much cheaper than brick houses; they are also sound proof to a great extent which are now much more lightweight. There is a lot of variation in the construction design as well. Brick houses have a flat foundation while Auckland weatherboard homes are built on sturdy pillars. See that the roof has an insulation blanket and filling all the cracks in the boards would assure you of good padding. Many even go for a blend of the two; bricks for walls or cladding for roofs. Fixing damages to brick walls is going to be much more costly than replacing any worn out boards. In areas where there is too much rainfall and ground movement, brink houses are more likely to be damaged.


The cladding is a durable, weather tight system that combines the look of traditional timber weatherboards with low maintenance. Choose Auckland Cladding in the area of homemaking, you can accomplish the effects when you are offering your house. Taylor Superclad provide quality workmanship and a very high level of service. Call us today for free no-obligation estimate 092714863.


Taylor Superclad exists to support Auckland’s best builders in every way we can. By supplying quality weatherboards, as well as other effective forms of timber and fibre cement cladding, we help our customers keep projects on track in every respect. For projects where we also supply installation, our focus is ensuring homes are watertight with excellent workmanship, rather than sealant. We don’t cut corners, which is why we specify custom-made flashings for each job, manufactured by a local specialist.

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