Artificial Flowers For Party Decoration

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Artificial Flowers For Party Decoration

It's up to you you do them however you want but i just love creating these so basically for my experience last time i'm just going to now cut around all of my petals and put them in my batches and then i'll bring you back and show you as i start to sculpt them you can see that uh ignition just there stunning all right i'll bring you back shortly okay so we are good to go now i am using artificial flowers you can use whatever you want to uh they're thin enough and they're strong enough to hold it and i will come down and paint them a color once i have finished working on my design you see that okay and then masking tape just a standard house one not really uber sticky just to hold it in shape so it doesn't slip down and one thing you need to take into consideration is the length of time it's took me to cut around all these petals and leaves it's took me a good 40 minutes to 50 minutes because you have to be careful not to get your fingerprints in there so bear that in mind because you have to it's all about the timing and you have to get the right timing so mine is still okay and still bending and i'm going to handle them very delicately but because this is going to go on the inside it really doesn't matter if i um get my sort of fingerprints on there.

Clean And Care For Artificial Flowers

I start with my artificial flowers online smallest color first and then i am going to press it and do a fairly firm roll around to start with focusing more at the bottom because that iridescent and then luring it keep tight at the bottom but flare out a little bit at the beginning and i'm pushing a little bit because i want it to bond to each other and that's this skew where possible and ending up with something like that i think it's because it keeps trying to focus on the outside what if i yeah i'll leave it down there sorry it keeps going out of focus for you anyway and now i'm going to come in and use start working from the smallest ones up and then think about whether i want the white at the top or the bottom and rotate from where the other one is so that's got a weird thing at the bottom so i'm going to put that at the bottom and i'm going to start roughly where that other crease was there and just come around and again tight at the bottom pressing it in i push in quite a bit of pressure on with my fingers and there so you can just so you can just see them i have to change my camera angle because it's not focusing for you and i don't want you to miss this part and if i put it down let me try and put it down see if that's going to help anyway so i'm pushing it in at the bottom so it's quite tight there and trying to keep it loose and organic at the top there and you're just trying to make it interesting so now i want my other petal to come in the other side so my fold is opposite you're just opposite in it basically so it's really hard with a camera angle to get there so i think i want that there and that's where i mean by opposite so where the fold i'll turn it in i'll turn it in again pushing.

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It down and then just keep looking and make sure you're happy with how artificial flowers online coming along i'm gonna have to lift the camera angle camera and i've got a sagging thing i'm trying my hardest to get a good angle and be able to work it's like patting my head and rubbing my tummy all at the same time all right see if that's a better angle for me working and also for you to be able to see where we're going all right so i need one for the opposite there and well that's coming out a little bit more i don't want it to be so in that's to look like it's opening up a little bit not go into my butterfly that doesn't look right like that so maybe start looking at creating a few little features like those artificial flowers.

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