Are you bothered by pimples on your chin?

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Are you bothered by pimples on your chin?

Read on for 4 minutes and you will get an overview of all the factors and solutions
around this bothersome skin problem. 
This can be the cause of pimples on the chin.
"Tell me where you get pimples, I'll tell you what problems you may have", is a
phrase that can best describe this post.

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Why do I get pimples on my chin?
Although in adulthood it is more uncommon to have pimples on the chin and acne, it
is common for troublesome pimples to appear in some areas of the face. 
They appear from time to time, maybe not many at a time, some loose here and
there, but very annoying.
The most common cause of pimples on the chin is acne
Applies especially to women, and in adulthood, which can even lead to deep lesions
such as nodules and cysts. This can be due to a hormonal pathology such as
polycystic ovary, stress or unbalanced diet.
Another less common pathology, but also related to these pimples on the chin,
is acne rosacea , where there are no comedones, but it is an erythematous base,
that is, the skin on the area is red and inflamed.
It can also be caused by perioral dermatitis. Finally, more rarely, and which looks a
bit like rosacea, and it also produces pustules, and is associated with overuse of
powerful corticosteroids.
How can we treat pimples on the chin?
The applicable rule: do not pick on them, or use at home means, such as "alcohol".
It is also important not to use greasy creams, and that all cosmetics, sun protection
and make-up are oil-free.
It can be very wise to go to a dermatologist so that he / she can make the correct
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Solution for pimples on the chin?
Do you need a long-term solution to pimples on the chin?

Remember that there are habits that, even if they are not the origin, aggravate the
skin situation with imperfections, such as a diet high in sugar and saturated fat.
Adhering to proper daily facial hygiene and proper habits is the key to reducing the
appearance of blemishes, pimples on the chin , and controlling excess oil.
Always choose cosmetics with formulations that suit your skin type, and avoid
manipulating the lesions.
Blackheads and pimples
Frequently asked questions about pimples on the
Q1Is it the hormones that cause pimples on the chin?
It is one of the main causes of  pimples on the chin . 90% of women suffer from acne
at some point in their lives. Especially on menstrual days or during pregnancy, when
high levels of progesterone and testosterone make the sebaceous glands work too
Q2Do I get pimples on my chin from eating chocolate?
Q3If I clean my skin frequently, do I get rid of pimples on my chin?
Q4If I have a lot of pimples, should I stop wearing moisturizer?
Q4Is it good to use alcohol to dry out the pimples on the chin?
Q5Is the sun good against the pimples on the chin?

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