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Arboricultural Assessment Auckland

Contact us today for a no-obligation free quote. We can help with your resource consent application and arboricultural assessment Auckland. Our experienced team of Arborists provides tree care services with a commitment to quality and best practice. We pride ourselves on professional and friendly service and customer satisfaction. We are arboricultural consultants are experienced in all aspects of tree management - from practical arboriculture and local government processes to complex risk analysis and assessment.


Our professionals will have the grinding gear to ensure this will not stay visible. They can, if contracted for, assess all of the limbs, and trunk sections. They can also leave them for you if you need them for your fireplace. The expertise exists for these trees to be assessed if that is what is needed. This could present a deterrent to the tree report Auckland. A tree trimming or tree service company can help you jump through all of those hoops and make for a beautiful resolution of our properties and of our loved ones as well. But cutting a tree isn’t the same as pulling up a weed in your yard. It also involves a much more complex process and needs you to take some precautions. Just continue reading so that you will know some of the most important things about tree assessment.


There are different situations when assessing a tree becomes crucial. When a tree is infected with an untreatable disease or poses a risk to your property, then you know it needs to be assessed. If you have trees very close to your property or which overshadows your neighbor's house, they can be very unsafe as they might fall on these properties during a strong typhoon and will need tree report Auckland. Moreover, the roots of these trees can cause damage to the basement and foundation of the house. As mentioned earlier, assessing a tree is not as simple as pulling up a weed in your garden. In fact, there are laws governing the process. You don't want to mess with the authorities when you fell a tree so make sure you ask your local municipal office about the laws on tree felling. If the trunk diameter and height of the tree you're planning to assess are more than the stated minimum dimensions, then you need to get permits for the process. There are also trees under the category of protected and assessing them is not allowed unless really necessary.

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