Andrew James Hair - Tips on How to Grow Hair Faster!

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Andrew James Hair - Tips on How to Grow Hair Faster!

Andrew James Hair New Jersey is a company dedicated to providing the highest quality men's hair products at an affordable price. If you have been shopping for men's hair products in New Jersey or around the country, you know that it can be a daunting task trying to find exactly what you need. That's why we are here to help! Our mission is to give our customers a place they can find exactly what they are looking for while saving them a lot of time and money.


We want to make your shopping experience easy and convenient. Our friendly staff will provide you with assistance from start to finish. You can shop by product or let us help you narrow your search by brands, colors, or simply a favorite color. If you would like to know a little more about the brands we carry, simply give us a call and we will give you information on any specific brands. Feel free to stop by at any one of our six stores throughout the state, or visit us online.


Andrew James Hair NJ was established in 2021 by Andrew James, who wanted to provide his fellow male population with the best hair products possible. With his vision and hard work, he has achieved success. We carry some of the most well-known names in men's hair care, including: Adio, Affinity, and Armani. Along with our signature bi-weekly styling tip, we have developed several fun styles to keep in your hair, such as: the "surprise pop-up", the "surprise style" and the "hand-scrubbed to perfection". Each of these Andrew James Hair NJ men's hair products are designed to give you the highest quality and the longest lasting results!


In order to get the maximum results, our products should be applied by using proper techniques. Our stylists are committed to giving you the most unique and professional look possible! No need to worry about damaging your hair!


One of the most common mistakes that men make is that they try to cut their hair short, which does more damage than good! Short hair can be very difficult to style, so if you have naturally long hair, consider adding layers or getting it cut longer. Remember to never go with only one length, and always ask a professional stylist for advice. You can find great short hairstyles for both men and women on our website.


Our product line offers many styling options including gel, mousse, hairspray & styling products for complete coverage or volume. If you have curly hair, don't worry, we have the perfect product for you as well! Many of our products include a leave in conditioner for those individuals with curly hair, and many even offer dry/frizz protection for those with extra frizzy hair! We have an extensive line of hair products for everyone. Click here to know more.

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