An Overview Of Different Types Of cannabis Concentrates

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An Overview Of Different Types Of cannabis Concentrates

Many people do not realize that cannabis concentrates are far superior to cannabis buds. Concentrates are created when cannabis plants are cultivated in a controlled environment with high humidity and optimum growing conditions. When the plants are harvested, they contain a very small amount of buds (less than 1% of the total height of the plant). These are the raw materials for which the concentrates are made. Concentrates are also known as shatter dried cannabis.

cannabis concentrates are more potent, as a result of their higher concentration of THC (tetrahydrocannabis derivative) and CBD (Cannabidiol derivative). Cannabis concentrates is a high potency, highly concentrated, rigid tetrahydrocannabis and/or cannabidiol concentrate mass made from trim, or stalk, cannabis plants. Typically, concentrates are sold in the form of oil, wax, water or bags and this is often referred to as the 'hippie bud'. Some cannabis concentrates are more potent than others.

Concentrates sold in joints or cigarettes are not cannabis concentrates, and therefore cannot be purchased over the counter. Edibles are similar to cannabis oil. Edibles are usually smoked and most edible concentrates come enclosed in glass, plastic or foil. cannabis concentrates can also be smoked like tobacco. Some people prefer to smoke marijuana edibles because they tend to produce a more intense and longer lasting high compared to cannabis oil.

Two main types of cannabis concentrates are shatter dried (or Edible, and non-solvent extraction) and butane. Blown cannabis concentrates are more potent than freeze-dried and non-solvent extraction concentrates. Butane is made by combining butane and baking soda to create a hard, brittle product. Non-solvent extraction concentrates, which are also known as green solvent, consist of green liquid cannabis and sugars that have been heated above the ordinary boiling point. Green solvent is the least potent of the two.

Extracting cannabis concentrates has become very efficient over the last few years, thanks to new methods. The most common types of extraction are air compression, cold water distillation, oxygen extraction and hot water distillation. However, there are some new and emerging methods such as the 'dry chem' method. These newer techniques make extraction less labour-intensive.

There are a variety of other chemical ways to process cannabis concentrates. One popular method is to separate the active ingredients of the flour, and add them to the waxes, which are then compressed to create a sticky substance that can be used to produce candles and soaps. Other methods include breaking the flowers down into their resin and then filtering out the resin to make honey and wine. The resin from flowering buds is also popular for manufacturing shampoos, conditioners, body washes and deodorants. Finally, freeze-drying and smoking are popular ways to release concentrated extracts.

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