All You Need to Know About Jodhpuri Suit

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All You Need to Know About Jodhpuri Suit

When it comes to having a luxury and a royal look to a man, then Jodhpuri Suits comes as a first choice. It is a perfect amalgamation of modern and ethnic attire. Jodhpuri suit is so classy and royal in its look that no one can ignore the look of whoever is carrying it. It is perfect wedding attire, festival suit, and an apt choice for a religious function. 

Jodhpuri suit comes under luxury mens clothing that provides a rich look to a man. It is a kind of Indian wear with a modern look. A bandhgala suit can be worn with a pant, dhoti, trousers, and breeches. Also, it suits all age groups and all body types. One can choose a short or long jodhpuri suit as per their personality. Usually, a jodhpuri suit is fully buttoned with high collars. There is a huge variety in fabric, color, print, and pattern of jodhpuri suits. One can choose to have this outfit on different types of occasions. 

The jodhpuri suit undoubtedly is a luxury mens clothing that is believed to have originated from the Jodhpur district of Rajasthan. Later on, many fashion designers came with its new design and style that was highly liked by the Fashion industry. Britishers also used to carry jodhpuri suits in a European style. Nowadays, it has become a perfect wedding outfit for grooms. It can be worn by a man to his close one’s wedding, reception, festival, or religious function like jaagran.

What else do you need to know about the jodhpuri suit?

As jodhpuri suit is considered as luxury mens clothing, it has become a preference for most of the men to choose it as their wedding’s outfit. It is popular to provide a royal and a rich look to a person. Jodhpuri suits is known as a perfect outfit during wedding-related functions like a cocktail, reception, Mehandi, and reception parties.

It also comes under formal wear. Many businessmen prefer to wear jodhpuri suit in award shows, workshops, meetings, and conferences. However, the design, color, and print used to be different and simple than casual ones.

Bandhgala suits come in single tone. They are either lighter in tone like cream, white, off-white or dark in color like black or blue. You will hardly find a colorful bandhgala suit as it is not in demand.

Adding a waistcoat to a long bandhgala suit is a new trend and quite popular among youth. The waistcoat can be darker in color with a light tone jodhpuri suit. 

Jodhpuri suits have huge variety in their color, print, pattern, and style. It usually comes in silk and velvet fabric.

It is a high collar dress with full buttons. It usually has some detailing near collars.

It can be accessorized with a pocket square, brooch, watch, or a long necklace. Matching loafers can really boost up the look of a person. Or, you can also choose to have polished leather shoes depending upon the casual or formal jodhpuri suit and the kind of function you are attending.

Raghavendra Rathore is a popular fashion designer who has crafted royal bandhgala suits for Kapoor’s family, Singh’s family, and many more celebrities. He himself prefers to wear a bandhgala suit on different occasions. If you are looking to have a perfect outfit for your wedding, or your loved one’s function, then pick the best outfit from Rathore’s collection.

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