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You don't even realize it that can cause these to wear out excessively even if they are greased is not setting your clutch arm before you adjust the flower nut and or cable when you initially set up your clutch and you should keep it this way over time you need to make sure that the clutch cam is set in a neutral position then you adjust your cable and your flower nut the neutral position for the clutch cam could be different on each motor it's usually about the same but it really just depends on how they set up these teeth in the factory okay as you can see these are keyed and they press on you can remove them it's kind of difficult but there's really no need to unless it's severely out of alignment if it's only off a few teeth it's no big deal just means you have to compensate for that during adjustment to set your clutch arm up in the neutral position you'll want to note where that is when this cover is off of the air filter cleaner you want this clutch cam to be flat so that when the bar sits on top of it it's as low as possible so right here is our neutral position for the clutch arm if we go further out it'll start to lift the bar if we go further in it'll start to lift the bar.

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So just give yourself a mental note of this position doesn't have to be absolutely perfect but the closer you get to neutral the more adjustment you'll have the more engagement you'll have on the clutch lever which makes things like feathering easier and the less wear you'll have on the bucking bar as well as the can a lot of people will not pay any attention to this and when you set up your bike maybe you'll have the clutch arm in this position and you'll think that's fine because you've still got all this but you actually don't you have a very limited amount of usable travel there is a point where this will turn and it will no longer have any more adjustment because this cam is only so big okay so if you were to have your clutch arm set up in about this position which is where i see a lot of people have it you'll notice that the actual cam itself is about halfway engaged that means that that thin edge of the cam is constantly pushing on the bucking bar and that is usually what's wearing out your clutch cam and your bucking bar even.

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If you have grease okay so move it into the neutral position and then set your clutch this is also helpful on builds that are tight because you'll have more space before this bar hits things like the down tube or the carburetor okay let's talk about another issue which is clutch slipping now obviously we've already been over the pads if you have contamination on the pads that can definitely cause the clutch to slip however it could just be a poorly adjusted flower

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