Affordable PrestaShop Mobile Apps With Advanced Features

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Affordable PrestaShop Mobile Apps With Advanced Features

Mobile Apps are playing an important role in developing the brand identity & building a loyal customer base with minimal efforts. Every eCommerce merchant is looking to grab the opportunity & grow their business on another level. KnowBand's PrestaShop Mobile App Builder is a readymade framework designed to build native Android & iOS apps for your eCommerce website without any coding knowledge. The PrestaShop Mobile App is fully synchronized with the eCommerce websites and allows the store admin to perform changes in real-time.
The PrestaShop Mobile App Maker provides complete backend panel control to the store admin. The PrestaShop Mobile App Creator consists of sales-boosting features of PrestaShop Mobile App Builder:

1. White Label Apps -

The PrestaShop Mobile App Creator for eCommerce allows store owners to show the logo of the eCommerce website in the mobile app's header. The store admin can add banners, images, app names, etc in the Android and iOS app to make it branded among mobile shoppers.

2. Customizable Home Screen Layout -

The PrestaShop Android App Builder comes with a dynamic home screen layout option that can be changed and managed from the module backend. The store admin can create, add and modify multiple themes & festive-based layouts by accessing the PrestaShop iOS App Maker. The PrestaShop Mobile App Builder consists of several elements that can also be altered by just using drag and drop functions. 

3. Real-Time Synchronization -

The PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App is fully synchronized with your eCommerce website. So, any change you make on the eCommerce store will be reflected on the shopping app in real-time.

4. Multi-lingual & RTL Support -

The Mobile App for PrestaShop supports all website languages including all the RTL languages. This allows the eCommerce merchant to target the global and international markets. 

5. Instant Login Options -

The lengthy sign-up process makes it difficult for users to access the mobile app. A simple registration process of the PrestaShop Mobile App improves consumer satisfaction and conversion rates. The online visitors can log in to the Android and iOS app by using Email, Google, Facebook, Phone Number & Fingerprint verification option.

6. Simplified Checkout -

The PrestaShop Mobile App Builder offers easy checkout options. The users only have to enter a few relevant details on a single checkout page of the PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App to make the order submission easier for the users.

7. Unlimited Push Notifications -

To improve customer engagement, the PrestaShop Mobile App Creator offers automated push notifications for referrals, offers, promotions, and discounts. Sending push notifications to the mobile app users about deals, offers, and discounts will certainly catch customer's attention and result in increased sales for the eCommerce brand. The PrestaShop Android App Builder allows the eCommerce merchant to send push notifications from the module backend to the eCommerce mobile app.

8. 24*7 Chat Options -

With Zopim (Zendesk) and WhatsApp chat options in your Mobile App for PrestaShop, the eCommerce merchant can keep your customers connected to the business. Users can contact the eCommerce store owner directly with any issue or complaint and receive support 24*7.

Conclusion -

You can also add these additional features to your eCommerce mobile app. So, go ahead and add all of these capabilities to your PrestaShop mobile app to help your business grow.

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