Advatix inventory management and customer support service

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Advatix inventory management and customer support service

Advatix is one of the leading supply chain and Inventory Management consulting firms. At Advatix, we offer the best strategies and systems to optimize inventory levels and improve financials.

Additionally, the unique strategies help our clients to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience to their customers. We develop implementation-oriented designs, that help in enhancing the customer experience by meeting the customer demands, increasing the fulfill rates at a reduced cost. Customers are the drivers of eCommerce businesses and have to be treated in the right and best way.

We highly prioritise the customer experience and hence offer ecommerce contact center for the customers of our clients. Our executives will offer round the clock service, with immediate solutions to the queries and concerns of customers. We will ensure that the customers receive the best experience under the name of our clients.

We use modern systems and tools like the inventory distribution system, to ensure that you have inventory at the right level, right place, and the right time. We will help to mitigate the risk and build a design that will maximize the ease of conducting business. Our executive team is highly knowledgeable and experienced and hence strives to provide the best supply chain design keeping consumer demands at the forefront to deliver timely results.

To keep the customers updated we provide real-time notifications to the customers about their order status. We are the best IT consultants you can have to manage your supply chain, inventory and customer experience.

To enhance the customer experience we provide real-time Tracking, Visibility, Flexibility facility. We also offer Multimodal Solution Design, Ship Methods & Policies, Private Fleet Management, Logistics Technology Platform, Strategic Sourcing (RFPs), Safety & Security services. To improvise your business operations, reduce the cost significantly, and grow your business into leading organizations of the market, Visit us today!

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