Advantages and Disadvantages of Youth Travel Baseball

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Youth Travel Baseball
How Youth Travel Baseball is different from Little League Baseball

Youth travel baseball is slightly different from Little League Baseball and Pony Baseball. For one, youth travel baseball doesn't fall under a particular organization like Little League or Pony. There is also the fact that almost anyone can start a youth travel baseball team as long as they can meet the requirements for a travel baseball team.The requirements include; getting players within the same age classification, registering online with a league, purchasing insurance and getting custom baseball uniforms.
Advantage for playing Youth Travel Baseball

One of the advantages of playing youth travel baseball is the weekend tournaments. Coaches can allow their team members to participate in one to five baseball games with different teams from different cities wearing varieties of sublimated baseball uniforms. There is also the travel involved in youth travel baseball games which gives youth baseball players the chance to see many different places with their friends and the entire team. It also allows team members to have a lot of post-game time where team players can bond, hanging out together. Kids playing youth travel baseball are always together and spending so much time together builds long-lasting friendships. Of course, one of the main reasons why youth travel baseball is so great is the competition. Every single weekend, youths have the opportunity to discover new competition meeting with other baseball teams in different areas and states. This allows youth baseball players to be more driven to become better than the competition.

Unfortunately, when there are advantages, there are always disadvantages. For one, youth travel baseball teams usually have less than adequate focus on player development. With 2-3 practices a week and 1-5 games every weekend, players are not given the time to understand their individual skills and even understand team fundamentals. Youth travel baseball teams often find themselves focusing on winning in their custom baseball uniforms. Hence, youth travel baseball players end up lacking the important game knowledge they should be getting accustomed to.

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