Act wisely, and Support Each Other!

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Being diagnosed with infertility can be hard to accept, whether it is you who is infertile or your partner or both of you. But most important is to understand that infertility is not your fault, it is just a medical condition and can be treated with the right guidance at the right fertility centre by the experts.


Your fertility journey may be difficult but never blame yourself or your partner for it. Instead be there for each other, support, motivate and comfort each other, as fertility is not impossible. Remember your support and care during this journey is what matters. The stronger and supportive you are for each other, the brighter and the magical your little miracle will be.


Most importantly, if planning for fertility treatments, don’t let money come in between you and your bundle of joy. This December, GarbhaGudi IVF Centre in association with GarbhaGnan Foundation is leveraging 30% cost on fertility treatments (T/C Apply). 


Act wisely, and Support Each Other!


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