A Tourist’s Guide to the Beautiful Casinos of Middle East

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Casinos are amazing places that allow players to test their luck. By placing bets on their chosen games, players are given the chance to win amazing prizes if they are lucky enough. Stepping inside a casino is never boring because they have a wide game variety that players can enjoy. 

Aside from the games, what keeps players hooked on playing in casinos are the luxurious facilities and lavish interiors that they have. Given that each one is glamorous in its way, players may want to enjoy them even more when they’re located in a classy place like the Middle East. 

By visiting and playing in the available casinos in Middle East, players can enjoy playing their favourite games while enjoying stunning views. So, if you aren’t that familiar with that yet, then here are some things that you should know about casino gaming in the Middle East. 

Popular casinos 

There are lots of casinos that are in the area and each of them has amazing amenities to ensure that their players will have a great time. Here are some of the most popular ones. 

Casino du Liban 

Casino du Liban is the largest land casino in the Middle East located in Lebanon. What players love most about it is that it has an accessible location. It has an area of more than 35,000 square metres, making it possible to have a lot of games and facilities that players will enjoy. 

They have 400 slot machines and 60 gaming tables. 

The London Club Casino 

This popular casino is located in the heart of Cairo, Egypt and is known as one of the most visited casinos in the area. It provides its players with a stunning view of the Nile River and the pyramids. 

Here, players can enjoy 34 slot games, 18 table games, and video poker machines. 

Kings and Queens Casino

This casino is inside the Fairmont Heliopolis Hotel which is located near the airport. It is well-known for its astounding facilities and exceptional service that guarantee players of a royal playing experience. 

Players can enjoy playing in this casino’s 12 table games and six-player electronic roulette terminal. 

Popular games 

There are a lot of games that can be enjoyed in Middle Eastern casinos. Still, some serve as the players’ most popular choices. Here are some of those. 


This is a board game that people usually enjoy in Arabian households. However, the game has turned into a social gambling game that is played by two players. Here, each player will receive fifteen checkers, one side with black and another one with white. There, they will take turns in rolling two dice to determine their next moves in the game. 


It is no longer surprising to know that poker is also popular in the Middle East. There are lots of poker variants that can be enjoyed by players and each one has proven to be amazing. Still, the most popular type of game is Texas Hold’em. In this game, players would either have to have the best poker hands or the best strategies to win. 

One of the best things about poker, when it comes to land casinos, is that they are seen in low-stakes tables yet they can also be played as a high-roller game.


Another popular casino game that players love is roulette. With its popularity, the roulette wheel has grown as a symbol for casinos throughout the years. In this game, players would have to place their bets based on their assumptions of where the ball will land once it stops spinning. 

There are three types of roulette wheels -- European, American, and French. Regardless of which players choose to play, the principles of the game remain the same. 

Importance of dress code

Not all Middle Eastern casinos have a strict dress code but many of them do. With that, we highly suggest that tourists check the appropriate dress code before visiting their preferred casinos. Here are some of the reasons why these should be strictly enforced. 

As a form of respect 

Being in another place means that you should respect the culture of where you’re at. There are more clothing restrictions when it comes to women. If you’re a woman and you happen to be headed to Egypt, we highly suggest that you wear something more covered since they tend to be highly conservative. Meanwhile, if you are a man, we suggest that you avoid wearing shorts. 

To avoid unwanted attention

Knowing the proper dress code will avoid hearing unnecessary comments from other players. Aside from being respectful, tourist players will also be more comfortable playing when they know that the attention is not on what they are wearing. With that, we recommend being properly dressed. 

This reminder is especially for women tourists who would want to avoid comments from men. So, for best results, we recommend wearing skirts that fall below the knees or pants. When it comes to tops, we suggest avoiding those that are too body fitting and those that have low necklines. 

To fit in

Following protocols and recommended attires will make you fit in better with the other players. If you can do that, then we guarantee that you will have a great playing experience inside Middle Eastern casinos. When you look like you are one of them, you are given a better chance to act normally inside casino facilities. Also, not drawing any attention will make you more confident in the games that you choose to play. 


These are just some of the things that we think tourists should know about the available casinos in Middle East. By keeping this in mind, we guarantee that players will truly have an amazing time in the luxurious casinos located there. So, if you’re headed to the Middle East, then make sure to try playing inside the casino of your choice and see how amazing it can be!


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