A stress-free mind can help with IVF success.

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A stress-free mind can help with IVF success.

Do you know that stress could affect the chances of IVF success? Are you undergoing an IVF procedure? Then you need to know that stress is one of the factors that could determine chances of success in your IVF procedure. People are used to living conditions with hectic schedules and career challenges, always running towards an unknown target, ignoring the resultant stress that develops without their knowledge. Stress is not dangerous but might alter the body's response to the treatment, especially when undergoing infertility treatment. Here are a few tips to reduce stress when undergoing an IVF procedure •        Trust your doctor and simply follow his / her advice.  Do not try to second guess the doctor’s instructions and get on to the internet to analyze the doctor’s prescriptions and advice. Internet has a lot of unwanted and irrelevant information. This can increase your anxiety and stress unnecessarily. •        Every patient’s journey is unique. Do not compare your fertility challenges with some one else’s and make assumptions. If an advice has been given to you and not to another couple, there will be a very valid reason. Talk to the doctor and find out. Do not fret over it and create unwanted complexities in your head. •        Avoid watching mega serials, soap operas, family melodrama TV serials, horror movies, murder mysteries etc. They increase your stress. •        Inculcate the practice of yoga and pranayama into your daily routine. There is no better stress buster than this. •        Be active and do light exercises regularly. Confirm with your doctor as to what exercises are safe to give the best results. •        Eat freshly cooked healthy food containing fruits and vegetables. •        Keep an eye on your BMI ..it could affect your fertility status. •        We know that you can't wait to know the good news, but there's a specific time during the IVF procedure which is advised by your doctor to take your pregnancy test. So, don't be anxious and do not try and do a pregnancy test earlier. Hormones can only be detected by pregnancy tests once they cross a threshold level. Testing earlier will give a negative result and increase anxiety. •        Keep yourself informed. Know briefly about the procedure that will be carried out during an IVF procedure from your doctor to keep yourself used to the environment and treatment, but do not over analyze. Remember that the doctor knows a lot more than Google. •        Although rare, few people might find it difficult to get themselves together before undergoing treatment. This could be due to fear or anxiousness about the treatment. Relax and know that you're in the safe hands of your doctor. •        Talk to your dear ones with whom you can share your thoughts.. this helps you find relief from your stress •        If you still have apprehensions regarding anything related to the treatment procedure, talk to anyone who had undergone a similar IVF journey. •        One effective way to find a time out from your thoughts is engaging yourself in hobbies like painting, crafts or any creative work that would distract you from your thoughts. For more information, Call us on- 888 000 09 09. Visit us at - www.garbhagudi.com Email: dreams@garbhagudi.com Follow us on www.facebook.com/garbhagudiivf

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