A Quick Guide to recover a Google Account Password

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A Quick Guide to recover a Google Account Password

If you have forgotten your Google account password, then there is no need to worry about it. Recovering a forgotten password is an easy task and you can complete it within no time. To get through to the recovery procedure, you may read further.

A lost Google account can make a user lose access to all the other accounts linked to it. This makes the account recovery even more important. Google account recovery can be done by resetting the password of the account. Password resetting is a simple task and can be done by following some easy steps.

Google Account Recovery - Procedure 

The users first need to visit the Recovery page of Google.

Now the users need to enter their email address and hit the Next burton.

In the next steps, the users need to click on the Forgot Password option given under the password space.

Now the users need to enter the last password of their Google account that they remember.

On the next page, users need to select a verification option and complete the verification. 

At last, Google users are required to reset their password and save the changes.

If the users need assistance on their Google account recovery, then they can contact the support team of Google. Google support team can help the users in recovering their accounts within no time.

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