A Post Graduate that Enhance Your Ability in Indian Football Sector

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Sportz Next Education Institute
A Post Graduate that Enhance Your Ability in Indian Football Sector

The Post Graduate in Football Executive in collaboration with AIFF is the only program in administration and management of football based on the management model, recognized worldwide, and the great educational experience in sports management.

The main objective of Post Graduate in Football Executive is to transfer in-depth and up-to-date knowledge about the football industry. Students will analyze the essential theories and most relevant case studies, allowing them to visualize the football industry's behavior. They will also have the opportunity to learn, interact, and contribute to the business strategy.


Understand the essential theories that operate in the football industry and its organizational behaviour, and the interconnections between the different agents.

Expand the skill set required to lead a club and other football-related organizations in line with its stakeholders' framework.

Improve the critical perception of trends in the football industry and visualize the future development of the industry.

Develop leadership skills to improve the positive impact on the football environment.


The Sportz Next Education Diploma in Sponsorship and Sports Marketing  program is designed for different profiles. Qualified people who want to make their dream of working in the football industry come true to industry professionals who want to further their professional careers, and athletes and ex-athletes who want to expand their knowledge in the area.

People who complete the Master will be able to work in the following areas:

Governing bodies and directors of Football Clubs (football federations and associations).

Football facilities and events (tournament organizers, sports clubs).

Community football (foundations, municipalities).

Sports consulting (business initiatives).

Intermediation Services (agencies, player representation).

Sports journalism (mass media).

Benefits of Course 

A football team has become a company that must be managed to achieve the best possible results in the sports field and the purely economic one. Its shareholders are no longer fans - although part of them are - and are increasingly aware of their investments' value.

Due to this, courses and studies oriented towards sports management have proliferated. In a football club, four main areas can be distinguished that we must take care of and take into account:

Sports area

The essence of every football club. No matter how well we manage the rest of the areas, if the team does not achieve good results, it will be challenging to achieve a great economic benefit. The big clubs, those that fight for the top positions in both national and international competitions, are at the top of the richest list. And it is no coincidence.

We must have a good coaching staff in charge of making good signings of players, scouts, coaches, physical trainers, physiotherapists, and psychologists. We must have optimal facilities, not only for the enjoyment of the members of the first team and spectators who attend the stadium but also to create a good quarry to serve as a base.

Commercial and marketing area

Those responsible for this area have a great job to do. The football team has two main types of customers: fan and consumer partners; and institutional clients.

The first group is about the direct customer. They are the ones who buy the tickets and season tickets, but also T-shirts, videos, and any other product-related to the team of their loves. They add value to the club. The relationship with them must be taken care of as a priority, and there is an area dedicated to dealing with the direct client, without forgetting the supporter's clubs, aimed at attracting new members and building loyalty to existing ones.

As for institutional clients, relationships are established with them through sponsorships, and the income derived from this collaboration is essential for the club's survival.

We must also skilfully negotiate television rights and contemplate the use of the club's facilities for other purposes, such as guided tours of the stadium or the holding of non-sporting events in them.

Communication area

In a world as globalized as the one we live in today, the opinion of the media will reach all corners of it, exponentially multiplying the impact of any news on the club. We must remember that our possible fans, consumers of our products (in any of their forms), may be scattered all over the planet.

A football team that wants to be successful will have excellent relations with the press in order to reinforce its institutional image and may even have its own, such as a radio or television channel.

Administration area

Finally, any company must have a good administrative framework that makes it work like silk at all levels.

The resources and income that a team obtains, as a result of its sports and non-sports operations, must be well managed. You will need to have a good team that designs budgets and controls the correct implementation of them. Especially important is the control of spending, which is one of the club's main problems on many occasions.

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