A Guide to Cockroach Type Identification

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A Guide to Cockroach Type Identification

Cockroaches are the most disliked and loathed of all the insects. These cockroaches can live at any temperature and without their heads for a long time.

Being filthy and unpleasant, cockroaches pose several health threats.

Cockroaches also leave germs on food items when entering the house, resulting in contamination and health issues. In addition, the roaches carry other viruses, such as Salmonella, diseases, and parasitic worms.

Here, preventing pests or employing pest services come as the key to saving family and house from such health hassles. However, because there are various varieties of cockroaches and classes on the planet, any one of them could get into the house.

Therefore, keeping an eye on pest infestations and knowing the cockroach variety is critical for better safety and cockroach control treatment.

Identifying Cockroaches Based on Their Types

Brown-Banded Roach

Brown-banded roaches as the title suggests are brown-coloured bugs along with extensive banding around the wings. Since 1903, this variety has evolved in the United States and is now distributed throughout the country.

In comparison to other kinds, these cockroaches prefer drier, hotter, and higher-altitude environments. They can be easily found in showers, behind wall decors, and in pantry cabinets.

Furthermore, the name of this cockroach species derives from the rust-coloured bands that can be discovered on their deep brown bodies.

German Cockroach

When it is about looks, German cockroaches have light to tan-brown colored bodies with dark streaks on their ends. They possess six legs, are oval, and also have antennae.

These cockroaches look for humid and hot places to survive. At homes, moist places like vaults or bathrooms can be their ideal choice. However, these can be seen in locations like the kitchen, restaurants, and other such establishments.

Also, such cockroaches are a variety found all over the world. These cockroaches also have wings, but they tend to run rather than fly.

American Cockroach

American Cockroaches appear reddish-brown in colour. Also, a yellowish symbol with 8 number patterns can be seen on their heads.

This is the biggest of the bugs that plague homes.

These cockroaches can be mainly encountered in gutters and basements, especially near ditches and drains. In their search for water, they also gather in places like the kitchen, laundry rooms, restrooms, and so on.

Furthermore, they continue to exist in hot weather, but can readily survive in low temperatures including better weather conditions.

Oriental Cockroach

This cockroach kind is a huge and lustrous black to a rusty brownish in color. These are commonly found in drains and reach buildings through sewers or entrance openings.

When inside, Oriental cockroaches prefer damp, chilly environments like underground areas and basements. However, when outside the buildings or houses, woodpiles and leaf piles are both good places to look for them.

This cockroach species is also named “ black beetles” and “Water Bugs” for their shiny bodies and drains being their homes.

Majorly, they appear in the hot summers and are known as the filthiest of all. So, wherever you find such species, contact for expert cockroach treatment in Singapore immediately

Wrapping Up

Fed up with filthy insects? Analyzing the cockroach with their body, features, and different facts can let you understand their type. In addition to this, always pay heed to your basements, laundry rooms, kitchen sinks, and more to avoid pest infestations and practice the necessary steps to prevent them from causing hassles. If they are already at home, thorough sanitation and expert assistance for pest control in Singapore may be the best option.

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