A Definite Guide to Buy Gold Ear Studs for Men

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A Definite Guide to Buy Gold Ear Studs for Men

It is worth noting that not only women wear pieces of jewellery; however, men also. Rather, nowadays more men wear jewellery as part of their look. For some men, it has become a way of expression and they use jewellery as the status symbol. Moreover, purchasing jewellery is an excellent investment because the value of jewellery does not depreciate. 

Factors You Need to Keep in Mind

Nowadays, numerous men are beginning to incorporate jewellery into their overall look. However, there are few men who still do not know how to buy the right jewellery piece. Here is a list of factors that you need to consider while purchasing gold ear stud for men.

1. Skin Tone: - Few men do not know that the jewellery needs to complement the outfit as well as skin tone. Just because you like the jewellery does not mean you would wear that without knowing that it is not looking right. With numerous metals as well as colour choices, choosing the best one might be tricky.

In order to select the best stud for men, remember the cool skin tone fits with silver, platinum and white gold jewellery pieces. On the other hand, for men having a warm colour skin tone, copper, brass-toned colours, and rose or yellow gold are amazing choices. To know the skin tone, consider checking veins on the wrist. In case veins are blue, you have a cool skin tone, and if it’s green, you have a warm skin tone.

2. Size: - Another significant aspect that requires attention is size. The earrings need to be small as well as proportional to the body. It is important to understand that bulky or large earrings would look off-balance- physically as well as stylistically. Ensure you keep all this in mind while selecting the men stud earring. 

3. Face Shape: - While buying stud earring for men, it is important to consider the shape of the face. Choosing the earring based on the face shape would in making a wise decision. In case you lack knowledge, here is a simple guide for you. For an oblong face, round earrings are the best choice whereas, for a round face, square earrings make a perfect choice. On the square face, both curved as well as round earrings would look great. In case the face is heart-shaped, consider choosing straight earrings that too without curves (such as taper or barbell).

4. Gem or No-Gem: - One of the major aspects is the use of gem in earrings. The decision depends completely on the wearer. It is important to note that the small gemstone in the earring could add fascinating sparkle to daily wear look whereas the larger gemstone might look over. The size of the gem also depends on the size of the earring as well as the face of the wearer.

In case you are planning to buy a solitaire gold ear stud for men, Orionz Jewels is a perfect choice. You can explore the variety of studs and buy the exceptional quality piece that too within you range.

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