7 Vital Things To Know Before You Hire A Magento Developer
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7 Vital Things To Know Before You Hire A Magento Developer

The demand for online stores has increased exponentially today. eCommerce solutions have today turned out to be one of the most practically successful means of selling products and are now helping businesses with increased conversions. However, to keep up with the competition, developing eCommerce websites using the right eCommerce platform like Magento becomes inevitable. To have Magento sites with high engagement and robust features, you need to hire Magento developers who are good for the job.

However, before you hire Magento developer or team of developers you must know a few things first.

Analyze and understand your needs first

It would be better to have a good understanding of your project requirements before you plan to hire a Magento developer. This will help you search for the right developer based on what your project requirements are. So, the best thing to do is to sit down and write down your business plan and decide how you wish to go ahead in achieving your goal with Magento development services.


Moreover, if you are new to the world of online store creation, an experienced and certified Magento developer from Mage Monkeys can help you get started with ease.


Look for certified and experienced developers

The Magento developer needs to have a basic understanding of website development along with the needed techniques to save money. However, it is also important to ensure you choose certified Magento developers who have more to offer you. You can depend on such professionals as they have the understanding of tackling various issues that may come up in the project.


Moreover, it is easy to handle such Magento developers hired from Mage Monkeys as you don’t have to guide them much. This is because they have a good understanding of what the project demands. Apart from having professional expertise, the skilled Magento developers have good technical knowledge too. This will help your eCommerce store enjoy an added advantage.


The demand for certified Magento developers is high in the market as they have knowledge of the latest technical know-how and very well know what the present techniques used in Magento development are.


Cost and quality analysis

The complete success of an online store relies on the perfect combination of best quality and cost-effectiveness. Before hiring a Magento developer conducting a price analysis is important. You should keep in mind the customization charges of the developer and the payment options offered. Once you know that you should evaluate the pricing of the service for the business need, you plan to satisfy by hiring the developer. Having proper communication and carrying out proper research will help you understand the pricing policies followed by them.


Mage Monkeys follows a simple and clear pricing policy and confirms quality is delivered every time. Finding the right pricing for the service is important and ensuring quality is equally important too. Consistency and functionality cannot be compromised, as they can impact the business and its customers negatively.


Responsiveness and interaction

How a developer interacts with the client is of paramount importance and so when you plan to hire a Magento developer for your project, you should consider this important factor too. Once a developer has been assigned for the project, then it is his responsibility to update the client about the progress made by offering a regular briefing.


At Mage Monkeys, we believe that during Magento development taking feedback from the customers is very important as it will help the developer make needed changes in the project quickly and effectively. Moreover, the developer must have quick responsiveness in terms of communicating and updating the changes.


Portfolios and online reviews

You can know more about Magento developers by analyzing the online reviews and their portfolios. These things say a lot about the performance and skills of a developer. Moreover, online reviews and portfolios are considered to be one of the most trusted sources of obtaining information about developers and they can help you make informed decisions. Again, they are work samples or can say project demos that can be followed by businesses planning to hire developers.


Portfolios and online reviews help businesses assess the expertise of the developer in terms of work delivery, techniques and working style, and dedication & commitment. So, at Mage Monkeys, we have a dedicated section where you can check out our portfolio and thereby hire Magento developers with confidence.


Strict adherence to project deadlines

Experienced developers will adhere to the deadline and ensure that throughout the development process each and every detail is satisfied. Such a developer understands the importance of following the timeline and make it a point it is not missed at all. This way you can be sure that your website will be completed successfully without any delays and the set timeframe will be followed. The Magento developers at Mage Monkeys plan the project development around a strict timeline and makes it a point to follow it throughout the development phase.


Ensure post-development support

Business clients expect the Magento development company to complete its service within the set deadline and it is good. However, it should not be the end of the service. Web development is considered an ongoing process and so it is important to keep your website optimized at regular intervals. It is important to include new features and update the security aspect regularly. Moreover, you may even want to remove certain things from the website to boost its efficiency. So, when you hire Magento developer from Mage Monkeys, you can be sure that the developer will be able to provide you with the needed post-development support for your Magento store.


In case you are planning to hire Magento developer, following the above-mentioned points can seem to be vital. You can hire certified Magento developers from Mage Monkeys with ease. With the right expertise at hand and years of field experience, Mage Monkeys can provide you the right eCommerce development solution that matches well with your business requirements.

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