7 Top JavaScript Frameworks and Technologies Trends for 2021

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JavaScript has always been one of the best programming languages over the years. It is a multi-paradigm language that encourages event-driven, imperative (including object-oriented and prototype-based), functional programming styles. 

Initially, JavaScript was only used for the Client-side, but thanks to Node.js, it is now also used as a server-side programming language. In simple words, JavaScript is the language of the web. 

According to Statista, As of early 2020, JavaScript and HTML/CSS were the most commonly used programming languages among software developers worldwide, with nearly 68% of respondents stating that they used JavaScript and 63.5 percent. 

HTML/CSS. SQL, Python, and Java rounded out the top five most extensively used programming languages worldwide.

JavaScript's framework is more adaptable for website designing and which is why many website developers prefer them. 

Frameworks are more flexible for designing websites and therefore preferred by most website developers. JavaScript frameworks make the job a little easy with the type of tool used for JavaScript, and the work becomes more accessible and manageable. 

These frames also make it possible for the programmer to code the application as a sensitive device. This responsiveness is yet another reason why JavaScript frameworks are pretty famous for using a high-level machine language. 

Let's discuss some best Trending Frameworks of JavaScript:


AngularJS is a part of the JavaScript ecosystem and is considered one of the best software development instruments. It is developed by Google in 2009 and got a warm commendation from

the development community.  

One of the most powerful, dynamic, and open-source JavaScript frameworks is Angular. Google operates this framework and is used for developing a Single Page Application (SPA). Many AngularJS development companies help businesses with this framework to make wonderful applications and give good results. 

AngularJS extends the HTML into the application and defines the attributes to perform data binding. Many companies hire Angular JS  developers to build excellent applications, and they hire developers from a reputed angular JS development company

 Pros of AngularJS

Two-way data binding

DOM Manipulation

Improved server performance

Faster application prototyping

Responsive web

Highly testable products

The MVVM architecture

Cons of AngularJS

JavaScript's support mandatory

Inexperience with MVC

Possible time consumption

Difficult in learning

Full Development Story 

Testing: Protractor makes your scenario experiments run faster and in a consistent manner.

Animation: Design high-performance animation timelines and complex choreographies with very little code through Angular's intuitive API.

Accessibility: Build accessible applications with developer guides, ARIA-enabled components, and built-in a11y test infrastructure.

Applications like Google Open Source, Keen, Messages, Jsonschema.net, etc., are made with Angular. 


React is created by Facebook, and this framework has earned a lot of reputation over time. The main purpose of React framework is to develop and operate the dynamic User interface of web pages. It also uses virtual DOM, and hence, the integration of the same with any application is easy. That is why many companies prefer hiring React JS developers.

Let's move forward with some features of React which can help application development. 

React creates dynamic and interactive UI for websites as well as mobile app development.

React uses 1-way data binding with an application architecture called Flux controls and helps update the user's view and Flux manages the application workflow.

 React uses native components instead of website components like react as building blocks and also React Native is a custom renderer for React.

The applications made with React are Artsy, Bitsnap, Coinbase Pro, etc. 

Many companies like Netflix, New York Times, Dropbox, etc., consider ReactJS for developing applications. You can also hire React.JS developers from a React.JS development company

Few Cons of React.JS

The high pace of development sometimes doesn't support the web developers to relearn things and do it regularly. 

React.JS is developing so fast that it is not focusing more on its Documentation. 

ReactJS only covers the UI layers and nothing more. To complete the development process, you need to choose some other technology. 


VueJS is among the best JavaScript open-source progressive JavaScript frameworks with several optional tools for creating single-page applications and user interfaces (UI). 

VueJS was released around February 2014. It is now considered one of those software technologies widely used by web application development companies worldwide for web advancement. In the era where JavaScript frameworks are component-driven, Vue.JS sets itself apart by its execution and simplicity.

It is centered around the view layer, offers a ton of functionality for the view layer, and creates unique single-page web applications. Vue.js operates JavaScript ES5 or ES6, while Laravel provides a core library to Vue.js. 

With the help of the extensible and adaptive stack and browser-independent reactive components, developers can accelerate custom web applications using default and custom directives.

Features of VueJs

Data binding facilitates to manipulate or assign values to HTML attributes., change the style, provide classes with v-bind available, which is a binding directive.

It gives HTML-based templates that unite the DOM with the Vue.js instance data. The templates are organized into Virtual DOM Render functions. A Vue.JS developer can use the render functions template and can replace the template with the render function.

The viewers view final changes that reflect the real DOM. This method is creative and cost-effective; also, the changes are done quickly.

Vue.js is more straightforward in terms of design & API. A Vue.JS developer builds simple applications in a single day.

As VueJs is among the best frameworks and got the commendation very early because of its unique and interactive features, many companies hire Vuejs developers

Few Cons of Vue.JS

One of the main disadvantages of Vue.Js is its shortage of Plugins and components.

As Vue.JS is evolving very fast, it is difficult for app developers to learn it quickly.  

Vue.JS was developed a while ago only, which is why it has less community. 


Node.JS is popularly known as a server-side JavaScript run-time environment, which is open-source and works cross-platform. The framework is resourceful in driving asynchronous I/O with its event-driven architecture. Node.JS runs in the JavaScript Runtime environment and shows similar properties of Java-like:



Forming loops

Let's discuss some features of Node.JS and know why Node.JS developers choose this framework: 


Node.JS library is very fast for code execution as it is made on the V8 JavaScript engine of Google Chrome. 

All the APIs are asynchronous, and the server doesn't wait for the API to come back with data. Here the server calls the APIs simultaneously and continuously moving to the next one while using a notification mechanism of Event to generate a response from the API. This makes it fast too. 

Node.js supports an event mechanism that makes it possible for the server to respond in a non-blocking manner, making it scalable.

Node.js, along with event looping, follows a single-threaded model.

When it reaches uploading video and audio files, Node.js cuts down the processing time significantly. It does not buffer any single data, and here the application gets out the data in pieces.

Working with NodeJS has always been fruitful to every organization and which is why those companies who don't have an in-house team of NodeJS developers hire Node.JS developers from Node.JS development company.

Few Cons of Node.JS

Performance Bottlenecks with heavy computation tasks

Callback hell issue

Immaturity of tooling


Meteor's application area (Also known as Meteor.JS or Meteor.js) serves the name itself since it is varied as it covers almost a significant portion of the software development. Meteor.JS framework includes important areas like managing the database, back-end development, business logic, and front-end rendering.

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