7 Amazing Tips to Reduce your Website Bounce Rate

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Manish Dwivedi
7 Amazing Tips to Reduce your Website Bounce Rate

If you are not getting a good amount of traffic to your website and getting problems in converting them into customers. A higher bounce rate is the main problem here that keeping your visitors away from your website.

Reaching on top of the website and them facing this problem becomes very stressful. Now you may lose your position on the search engine result page because of the higher bounce rate.

If you analyze a heavy bounce rate on your web page, it means you need to remake that page by updating website designing and content.

The bounce rate is highly responsible for the reduction in conversion percentage. It is time to treat the increasing bounce rate of your website.

What do you Mean by Bounce Rate?

When you are working on driving high traffic and your website didn’t receive or receiving very low traffic. This may happen because the visitors are not impressed with the experience with the website and they are clicking the back button just after visiting your website. Some of the reasons behind the higher bounce rate-

Irrelevant images on site

Content that may be adding more clutter than value

Website loading time

User didn’t know what you want them to do after visiting website

Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate

These SEO tips will help you in reducing the bounce rate of your website, you will receive the traffic and your business will be back on track. With the help of these amazing tips, you will resolve the issue in your strategy that was increasing your bounce rate.

1) Page Load Speed Optimization

Most of the time people thought the reason behind the increase in bounce rate is the content and design available on the website. It may affect but they don’t know about the problem that starts before and while visiting your website and that is page load speed.

If we talk about stats, one in four visitors would abandon your website if it will take more than 4 seconds to load. Delay of one second in loading speed reduces customer satisfaction by 16 percent and next time they will shop from any other website.


Hopefully, these numbers have made it clear that why you need to focus more on the load speed as compare to other factors. It is because loading speed will help your visitor to assume the experience he will get after entering your website. You can use tools like GTMETRIX to improve the loading speed of your website.

2) Work on CTAs: Make Them Compelling

Smart and attractive CTAs always work as they help users to know what is the next step you want them to do after visiting your website. It could be anything like download, add to cart, buy a product, read more, know more, or anything that makes sense from the user's point of view.

Including relevant and ranking keywords in your, CTAs is the best way to improve your CTAs. You can find out the ranking keywords with the help of tools like MOZ, Semrush, Google search console, etc. These tools will help you to find out the best keywords for your page. Use those keywords in making effective CTAs.

Create CTA more smartly and differently from others. It means the visitors will not feel that sales vibes all around them after visiting the website. It will increase the engagement rate and reduce the bounce rate too. Let your visitors take their time to be customers and don’t push them into sales box.

3) Popups Disrupts the User Experience

As per the reports, around 70 percent of the users find popups disturbing and annoying. They irritate more when they are irrelevant and meaningless from the user’s point of view.

If you have questions about the popups, you put or not?

For the best, don’t use popups as stats show they irritate users and this may definitely increase your bounce rate. It means popup whether small or big, is not good if you want to provide a better user experience to your visitors. If you want your website to grow your business by adding more and more organic traffic then avoids putting popups on the page.

4) Write Blogs with Right and Fresh Content

The blogs section of any website is crucial and if you are someone who wants to attract users organically, you must have blogs on your website relevant to your industry.

Most of the websites have blogs on their websites but few of them manage to write fresh blogs with evergreen content. Keeping blogs fresh and written in a manner that satisfies users then you are on a way to gain a great return on investment.

Reports and statistics are evidence that updating blogs with new content from time to time will drive more traffic and you will generate more leads.

Now, what is the right type of content?

A content that satisfies users and they implement them in order to get the best results. This way you will not only get better leads but users will stay in touch with your website for a longer period or as long as you will provide them a great piece of content.

If you are new to the industry and you are a blog writer, go for the simple WordPress website and choose effective plugins to make it better. This website will help you in maintaining responsiveness and that would be your best chance to get on the top of SERP.

If you are not very much in writing blogs, connect with an SEO company in India that will help you in writing content for your website.

5) Focus on Adding Media

We all know adding media to your content is now a trend but adding relevant media in the right way is important.

Optimize the images, infographics, and other media before adding them to your website. If you will not optimize, then it will affect the loading speed time, and rest you know better how loading speed works against bounce rate.

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