6 Interesting Ways To Use Instagram For Your Business

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6 Interesting Ways To Use Instagram For Your Business

6 Interesting Ways To Use Instagram Reels For Your Business




Instagram reels are a new way to create and upload short and entertaining videos. It is a 15 second video clip, and you can add music and effects to it. It is the best feature on Instagram to engage a wider community and receive an audience to your Instagram profile. 


Instagram reels feature similar to TikTok videos, and you can share your reels to stories feed, explore page and new reels tab on your profile. According to Instagram statistics, if your reels content is featured on the explore page, you will receive a notification. 


If you want your business to be featured in the Instagram reels section, ensure you have a clear goal and strategy. Because creative videos would stand out and gain more attention.  


You can use the following strategy to upload your content on Instagram reels and get more success!


#1. Make Behind The Scene Videos 


For every social network, behind the scenes, videos are interesting and make a better engagement. Behind the scenes, videos are unedited footage of your work. It shows your brand presence, team, culture, and the working of your organization. For example, if you're an artist, you can simply make a short video of your piece of content and upload it on Instagram reels.


#2. Before And After Videos 


Before and after videos are one of the most popular content strategies to show the final results of your product. The combination of curiosity and satisfaction is successful before and after video, which helps to increase your engagement rate. 


Ensure that your Instagram before and after reels video is simple, attractive, and relevant to your business. Because people are more likely to watch these types of videos in the reels section. 


#3. Share Educational Content 


Another best way to get more engagement on your reels content is by sharing educational content. Most businesses share educational videos on Instagram, and it's absolutely engaging. It allows you to give knowledge and skills about a specific topic. 


#4. Share Your Reels Content On Stories Feed 


Whether you are an individual or business owner, Instagram provides huge opportunities for users to generate brand awareness and increase sales from the platform. Instagram stories are one of the best features to share all your videos and get high engagement. 


On Instagram, you can share your reels content on the Instagram stories feature, which helps to make instant views for your Instagram stories and reels content. The benefits of Instagram stories is it appears at the top of the user's screen, so people can quickly notice your content. 


#5. Make It Fun And Entertainment


Do you know Instagram is the best place to make entertainment? 


Of course, there are tons of entertaining videos live on Instagram every day. If you upload funny videos on Instagram reels, you will have the chance to make a personal connection to your audiences. Additionally, it is the best strategy to invite viewers into followers on TikTok. 


For example, when there's a trending meme or funny video style relevant to your brand, you can share it in the reel section with relevant hashtags. It is a good idea to reach your brand to the exact audiences and get new followers to your Instagram profile. 


#6. Leverage Instagram Reels From The Crowd 


Here are some marketing strategies you can explore your videos to the large followers: 


Add background music and attractive video effects to create an impression. Show all your products and highlight their features. 

Include catchy and relevant captions to go viral on Instagram. 

Increase users' interaction by starting conversation in the comment section. 

Use external editing features to change the look and feel of your Instagram reels content. 

Use effective stickers and GIFs to improve your reels visualization. 


Instagram is undoubtedly an amazing social media platform with various features. Reels is one of the best ways to increase your brand reach and social media presence. 

If you're a business owner looking to boost your brand growth and drive traffic to your website, you can use Instagram reels to get more success. 


Author Bio:

Katherin Mary is an SEO strategist and senior content writer of Instausers.com. She has been working in the content marketing industry for 3+ years and has a handful of experience in Digital Marketing.

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