5 Steps to Become a Self Taught Digital Marketer

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5 Steps to Become a Self Taught Digital Marketer

5 Steps to Become a Self Taught Digital Marketer


One of the most important marketing rules is to market your products or services where your target audiences are already present.


And in the 21st century, no matter what industry you work in, your target audience is present on the internet. Agree?


So it’s quite obvious that the internet is the place where almost every brand, whether the big or small, is fighting its own battle to obtain more consumers.


This is where the need for a digital marketer emerges to help businesses communicate with their potential customers through digital platforms. 


And the best thing is, you can be that person, a professional digital marketer. All you need to know is some important factors to rank on Google and other digital platforms.


In this blog, I will tell you 5 easy steps to become a digital marketer that too without spending any penny on certification programs.


5 Steps to Become a Self Taught Digital Marketer


You must have come across many ads on social media from the institutions that are offering certification programs for digital marketing. 


But, are you required to enroll yourself in such institutes to learn digital marketing? A big NO. 


Certification programs will only help you in understanding basic concepts of digital marketing. 


But to become a professional digital marketer, you need to practice it on your own.


So, why waste your or your parent’s hard-earned money on such programs? 


Instead, invest the amount that you would spend on such programs to learn it yourself by practicing digital marketing tactics.


So, if you have decided to become a professional digital marketer, let’s start with the very first step.


1. Read, watch and Learn.


The best way to start in the field of digital marketing is to get basic knowledge about the topic before investing your money, energy and time in it.


I myself have spent lots of hours reading articles and books to learn the basic and advanced concepts of digital marketing.  


I am still learning from wherever I can to stay up to date with the latest industry practices.


And this is what you need to do to become a successful self-made digital marketer. Even better than this. 


If you are not interested in reading a lot of material, you can also learn from various video tutorials offered by Hubspot Academy and Google at no cost.


In this way, you will find out whether you are really passionate about pursuing this as a career or not. If you are comfortable with it, then go-ahead with the next step.


2. Build your own website.


Before making a promise to others that you will help them get the best ROI for their investment through digital marketing, be brave enough to put your own money at stake first.


By this I mean, you should invest your money in building your own website and implement various digital marketing tactics to get the best returns out of it.


In this way, you will get to learn what it takes to build a website, and also, you will get a basic idea about how to design and optimize a website for search engines.


A website is the backbone of digital marketing because this is where you will drive your traffic from various other sources. So, learn to develop and grow it.


3. Create business profiles on social media.


Once you have developed your website, the next step is to take it in front of the people so that interested people can visit to learn.


And for that purpose, what place would be better than social media, right?


But, that doesn’t mean that you should create a business profile on every social media platform present over the web.


You need to select the niche for your website and accordingly select at most two social media platforms where your niche audience is present and engaging with the content like yours.


In this way, you will learn how to choose a perfect platform for a brand because targeting all over the web is not as good as targeting a particular segment.


4. Try paid ads to drive visitors.

Running paid ads and getting the desired results out of them is not as simple as it looks; you can only understand this by doing it yourself.


There are plenty of factors to consider when creating sponsored ads to reach the right audience at the right time and convert them into qualified leads.


So, invest few dollars in paid advertisements and learn to drive traffic to your own website.


This way, you will get a fair idea about how paid advertisement works and the effort required to get the desirable results.


5. Analyze Data From Your Website And Social Profiles.


You have developed your website, created social business profiles, and ran paid ads to drive traffic to your website.


Now, the most important thing that you need to learn to become a professional digital marketer is to learn to measure the results of your efforts.


You need to learn to analyze the data generated from traffic behavior on your website and other social media profiles.


By this, you will learn so much about your followers and visitors on your website, which will help you understand the different characteristics of your target audience. 


This way, you will understand the importance of analytics and how you can use this data to obtain better results.


Wrapping up


Digital marketing is a broad idea, and it is continuously growing with the evolving technology. 


So, you will always get enough room to learn and implement your digital marketing strategies, but these 5 steps will always help you in learning the most important aspects of digital marketing.


In digital marketing, you need to communicate with your target audience effectively in order to make a sale, and the steps mentioned above will always help you in getting the desired results 



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