5 Most Common Myths About Dental Cavities Debunked

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5 Most Common Myths About Dental Cavities Debunked

Cavities have been considered as one of the most common dental problems for decades and almost everyone has cavities once in their lifetime. Even after maintaining proper oral hygiene, people get tooth cavities for different reasons. Still, they refuse to visit a dentist until the situation becomes critical. The reason behind this is some myths that hold them back from visiting a good dentist and get the treatment. Want to know, what are they?

Give a read to this article. It highlights the five most common myths about dental cavities that everyone needs to know right away.




Myth 1 - Cavities Only Occur During Childhood


This is perhaps one of the most common myths among adults. They believe that cavities only occur during their childhood and leave as they get older. Well, this is not the case as cavities can occur anytime and at any stage even after following proper oral routine. One of the major reasons behind it is dry mouth as lack of saliva production is a risk factor for tooth decay or cavity. 


Myth 2 - Only Sugary Foods & Sweets Cause Cavities


Undoubtedly, sugar cause cavities but not all the time. There are other foods too that causes cavities and tooth decay. Sticky foods allow the bacteria to linger on your teeth which leads to tooth decay. Also, foods and drinks that contain more acid contribute to tooth decay and the cavity. That acid destroys the enamel present on your teeth and this results in tooth decay. So, it is not only the sugary food that causes cavities but other foods and drinks that can also cause it. So, be very careful with whatever food or drink you intake and always make sure to brush and floss after every meal. 


Myth 3 - Regular Brushing Is Enough to Cause Cavities


Of course, brushing prevents tooth decay and cavity, but not enough to protect your teeth from all the oral health problems. Your meal or diet plays a very crucial in maintaining better oral health and hygiene. So, apart from brushing your teeth regularly, you need to keep a track of your eating habits as well. This will prevent bacteria from developing and ultimately help your keep your teeth clean and healthy. 


Myth 4 - Gaps In Teeth Cause Tooth Decay


Not necessarily true! In fact, gaps in between teeth make it easier to brush and floss. People with large gaps in between teeth are recommended to floss properly to get to hard-to-reach areas and remove all the food particles stuck in between teeth. If still, you think that these gaps are a hindrance, it is advisable to schedule an appointment with the dentist to resolve any future problem. 


Myth 5 - After Dental Fillings Cavities Won’t Develop


A dental filling process involves cleaning the tooth decay and cavity and filling the hole with a dental filling material. But, many patients think that simply getting dental filling ends the job there, and then there’ll be no chances of tooth decay and cavity. Well, that’s not true as proper oral care and maintenance are required to save the filling from getting infected. The same is applicable for other teeth as well. None of the treatments assures that cavities won’t happen until, and unless you take proper care of your teeth. 


These are some of the most common myths that majority of the people have regarding tooth decay and cavity. Now that the myths are debunked, do not take your dental health for granted and make sure to take all the possible treatment and maintain better oral hygiene to keep your teeth healthy and germ-free. Also, the teeth filling charges are few as compared to other treatments. So, it is better to take action immediately rather than spending on other complex dental treatments. 


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