5 Favourite Features of the 2021 Ford Puma

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5 Favourite Features of the 2021 Ford Puma

That clever crew at Ford have released another quality vehicle onto the market. The 2021 edition of their beloved Puma offers a fun driving experience, comfortable ride and exciting new connectivity features. This is a small SUV with a lot to love wrapped up in a pretty outer shell, and the reasonable Ford Puma price may pleasantly surprise you!

1. Excellent Fuel Economy

This sporty wonder boasts a low price tag and it's even cheaper to run. Its fuel economy is great, with this SUV running for an estimated 100 kilometres on 5.3 litres.

That's almost twice as good as the Australian average of 11.1 litres per 100 kilometres in 2020! It's rivalling the average motorbike for fuel efficiency. Not bad for an SUV.


2. Smooth Drive

As an 11-time winner of International Engine and Powertrain awards, this car's engine has some serious pedigree. The 3-cylinder, 1.0 litre EcoBoost is efficient and powerful, offering a great drive whether you're in the suburbs or the outback.

This small but hard-working engine is super-efficient, producing 92Kw and 170Nm which combine with a 7-speed transmission to produce a smooth, front-wheel drive. With its compact size and quick acceleration, the Puma has a muscular feel on the road.


3. Connectivity Features

Ford have been improving and adding to their vehicles' interior tech for years and the latest Puma continues the trend. There are a number of great connectivity features spread throughout the interior. You'll benefit from even more great features as you move up through the more expensive variants.

The 8-inch touchscreen on the dashboard has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto enabled, making it easy for you to enjoy movies and music, keeping the kids entertained on those long drives while you focus on the road. The SYNC3 infotainment system allows you to control your car's entertainment system with your voice or enjoy hands free calls. And wireless charging allows you to charge your phone without the need to untangle pesky wires.


4. Different Driving Modes

The new Puma offers a total of 5 separate driving modes. With a choice of normal, eco, sport, slippers and trail, it's easier and safer to drive in difficult conditions than ever before.

The system works by modifying how the car works behind the scenes. Everything from engine mapping and throttle to steering response is subtly altered, allowing the vehicle to perform at its best, whatever the conditions.


5. Smart Storage

With 410 litres of space in the boot, there's plenty of room to store your stuff. If you're off for a camping trip, you'll easily get your tents and a week's worth of supplies, even if you've got passengers in the back.

You'll get even more space if there's only 1 or 2 of you along for the ride, with the back seats folding forward to allow you even more storage space should you happen to need it.

It really is a vehicle with something for everyone. If you're looking for an economical car that's adaptable in different conditions and fun to drive in Western Sydney, the Puma might be the car for you.

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