5 easy steps to remove tree stump manually

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5 easy steps to remove tree stump manually

Do you know how difficult it is to remove the tree stump?

Yes, it is too difficult. And the stumps cause numerous troubles as well to the homeowners. So, they hire My Tree Service to get rid of the stumps.

But there are several other ways to bring them out from the ground. You can hire professionals for this purpose. Also, you can do it by yourself. Though the process is not expensive, it may take a bit of time. 

Here, you will get a comprehensive idea to remove the tree stump from your yard. Let’s start forward.

Tools you will need:

A shovel

An ax

A Mattock

A Digging Bar

A bow saw


Safety Boots


Step 1

Wear protective equipment. Now, Select the stump. You will need some working space. So, make sure there is ample space around the stump. Use the mattock, particularly the broad end. Dig around the stump using the mattock. It will loosen the dirt and soil around the stump.

Step 2

Now, use the shovel to remove the soil and dirt. You have to invest some labour here for this purpose. You need to dig deep so that you can see the roots of the tree. Then use the shovel to remove the soil. Dump the ground in a safe place so that they do not damage the surrounding.

Step 3

In this stage, cut the tree roots using the mattock. You can also use the ax for the same purpose too. When cutting the roots, you need to check you are doing it properly. If the roots are still attached to trump, you have to struggle more to remove the trump.

Step 4

Keep digging. Also, cut down the roots unless you reach the main root. Once the taproot [the main root] is visible, cut it down. Severing the root will help to remove the stump easily.

Step 5

You are in the last step. Use the ax, or the bow saw to remove the stump. Pull the stump outward to bring it out from the position. The job is done.

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