5 Easy & Effective Ways To Enhance Employee Wellbeing

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One can find multiple proven studies clearly stating that employee well being directly affects the productivity of a company. Sadly, it is still overlooked by most companies in India today. 

First of all, let’s put some light on the actual meaning of wellbeing. Simply, it is just feeling happy and leading a peaceful life. Talking about employees’ wellbeing, it is when they feel secure, satisfied and happy with their role and company.

The overall employee wellbeing affects numerous factors including attendance, productivity, retention, and morale. Hence, every company should ensure that its workforce is happy and motivated. 

Also, it is worth mentioning that today one can acquire a wide range of options to rely on. Hundreds and thousands of Indian companies are already using HR and attendance management software that promotes employee wellbeing. Such software not only allows employees to complete their tasks and duties but also reminds them to take care of themselves.

Needless to say, employee wellbeing is important and beneficial. So, what can improve it within a workplace? 

Here are the 5 easy and effective ways to get you started!!

Allow Breaks

We all fuel up and gather the lost power to work after a break. Human tendency! 

How can a company even expect a productive result when employees are bogged-down with workload. Therefore, every organization should understand the importance of breaks. 

Employees should be allowed to take breaks; both indoor and outdoor. When they take some time-out from their work, trust me, they will surely be their most productive self. 

Encourage Exercise

“Employee”- What is the one thing that came to your mind? An individual leading a sedentary work life by sitting on a chair from 9-5? True, this is the story of most employees. 

According to a study, 74% of companies do not encourage a healthy lifestyle within their workforce.  

Hence, companies should start thinking out of the box to ensure that their workforce stays healthy and active. One can organize a sports event once in a month or provide them with gym membership. 

Provide Free Lunch

It is believed that taking care of employees’ health can bring tangible benefits to an organization. So, one can either motivate healthy eating by providing a fruit bowl on their working table or ensure that canteens provide employees with fresh and healthy meals. Also, you can provide a clean space for your workforce to reheat or cook their lunches. 

Organize Training

This is an effective way to boost their morale. An excellent training or development program will motivate the workforce to support their organization in acquiring their goals. Such training not only cut down dissatisfaction and complaints but also absenteeism among the employees. 

Flexible Work Time

Flexible work hours are a must! This not only boosts morale but also enhances their mental and physical well-being. If possible, allow your employees to work from home once in a while as this will reduce stress and burnout, thus helping them to be fruitful. 

Bottom Line!

So, from now ensure that your workforce is both happy and healthy. Without wasting much time, invest in a good HR and attendance management software. In my opinion, HROne is an exceptional software that will definitely help you improve employee wellbeing. 

Remember, “Happy Workforce= Successful Company”

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