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3D XPoint technology is new long-term persistent storage memory which perform thousand time faster than flash memory. The 3D X technology will highly impact big data center because the technology has ability can turn huge amount data in value bale information’s and decision making in real time.

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The big players like Intel and Micron mutually innovated this technology with the idea that technology will bridge the market gap between dynamic RAM and flash memory in terms of storage. Earlier, few technologies where introduce but they fail to impress, but 3D xpoint technology is whole new framework with cross over structure and transistor-less design which create three dimension board. Due to which, data can be read, write and process at high speed.

3D Xpoint technology is new transformation in memory market and it will keep growing. Looking at this phenomenal growth, Market Research Future’ recently gave out the market insight till 2022. According to this MRFR analysis the global 3D xpoint technology market is expected to reach USD $5 billion and set to grow at CAGR of 13.7% during the forecast period.


The 3D technology has ability to shift from current satiation at faster rate than nonvolatile memory. The technology comes in rapid shifting selector, fast read/write programs, cells in small size, less interval in cross point array and combing all this aspect together makes 3d xtechnology thousand time better in terms strength, interruption, speed then flash memory (NAND). This factor are driving the market growth for this industry. 

The technology has the ability to store big volume information that to by making a use of small space, due to which the cost required for extra space can be minimize. This high tech service has the ability to store big volume information that too by accessing a small space, due to which the cost required for extra storage can be minimize. As per report analysis and study the only factor that can hold the market growth is the interface limitation due to which the technology is getting limitations over the speed.


The industry for 3D XPoint Technology is segmented into by storage, by end-user, and by regions. The storage are segmented by 750GB and 1.5 TB. The end users are segmented by Telecommunication, Consumer electronics, Automotive, Healthcare, Retail. The consumer electronics industry is predicted to observe an extensive growth in forecast period.

The regional analysis of 3D XPoint Technology is being studied for region such as Asia pacific, North America, Europe and Rest of the World. It has been estimated that North America region would dominate the market in the early phase.

The growing demands from the consumer electronics products in the Asia-Pacific region the study predicts that this region especially countries like China, Japan, Korea and India might show a huge growth in the 3D XPoint Technology market in coming years.

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Industry - Competitive Outlook               

Key players are approaching new techniques so that they can offer this technology in more affordable price with advance functionality. The same would improve market performance. Heavy investments are made by major players in the R&D sector.

The prominent players in the 3D XPoint Technology market are – Intel Inc., and Micron.


2017 – ‘Intel crop’ have launch new '3D XPoint Non-volatile Memory'. As per Intel crop this technology will shorts the storage between DRAM and NAND are facing data centers. Intel also claims that this technology will boost the memory ten time faster as compare to earlier once. The first product will be the ‘Optane P4800X’ series that will come with 375-Gb storage.


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