25 Social Media Posting Ideas

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25 Social Media Posting Ideas

With digital content creation on the rise, many often burn out and get frustrated due to the lack of ideas they have to continue posting on their various social media platforms. Not to fret, here are 25 engagement post ideas. These engagement post ideas touch upon the three major social media platforms of today.


Twitter Posting Ideas

Ask a question directed at your focus target audience to increase engagement by calling for comments.

Post memes or gifs that you enjoy

Tag celebrities or other brands and make jokes or statements to increase your reach.

Share brand promo codes or your brand's current sales with compelling images and text.

Post about essential or exciting news that you think your followers will engage with

Talk about any upcoming event that you are planning to attend or conduct

Start polls to increase engagement

Announce any upcoming launches within your brand, even if you are starting with the process of creativity and execution, to keep them in the loop


Instagram Posting Ideas

Create a shoppable post to increase engagement and profits

Show before and after posts that can interest people in your services or products by showing the change your brand makes

Any position that involves your followers is good especially conducting a user-generated posts contest

Add a caption that asks a question related to your post to increase follower engagement

Post reels to get your content on more to explore pages and drive more traffic to your page and thus increase the number of followers you have

Post original graphics, pictures, videos, and artwork that inspires your follower base to share your content

Use photoshop or other editing apps to create quirky content related to your brand and your products or services

Use colorful images and make sure to maintain an aesthetic feed so that all your pictures and content fit well in the square Instagram posts

Use different shooting and editing techniques such as flat-lays, sepia, rustic, etc. that go with your brand personality


YouTube Posting Ideas

Interview someone and blend it in with the rest of your video to give a more holistic view of the topic you are covering

Do a reaction video to an old video of yours; someone else's video or content, or your subscribers' comments.

Have a question-and-answer session where you answer your followers and subscribers’ questions on a particular topic

Create a parody on a particular trending video or song

Take part in a challenge that is either going viral or is to help a specific cause

Show things you interested in or that you collect

Give a tutorial on something you're good at, and you think will help your audience

Make discussion videos where you talk about your life, your hobbies, a particular interesting story, or anything else you think will be attractive to your target audience

And in all this, don’t forget to have fun while creating content and take breaks from social media when it starts to take a toll on your health.

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