2020 Python Frameworks for Web Development

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2020 Python Frameworks for Web Development
  • Pyramid
Top professional developers are using a pyramid framework on python 3. Pyramid framework gives developers an easy time in the process of web development because it is easy to use. Above all, any developer using a pyramid framework does not have to struggle much to fulfill the objectives of the project.
Since the pyramid is mostly embraced by experts, it implies that it can help in creating both simple and complex projects. For this reason, the pyramid is rated as the most preferred framework in web development projects. Dropbox, Mozilla, and SurveyMonkey are among the big brands using the pyramid. Some of the basic features of the pyramid include:
Generating and validating HTML structure
Functioning correctly on large and small applications.
Easy authentication process
Comprehensive data records and support

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  • Grok
The user interface of Grok is similar to that of TurboGears and pylons, which are full-stack frameworks. Any developer can choose the Grok framework as long as it will fulfill the tasks to be accomplished. Grok features include the following:
  1. It has a robust database used for storage purposes.
  2. It gives the developers an option to personalize apps according to customer’s needs and requirements.
  3. Gives developers a chance to use the power of Zope 3
  4. The structure of Grok gives developers an estimate of the development process
  5. It offers a solid base for all web apps.
  6. It has an extensive security measure put in place, like accessibility to specified users.
  • Django
Django assists developers in creating complex applications and codes with ease and faster; thus, saving time and resources. It is an open-source and free framework mainly used when developing website apps and APIs. For these reasons, Django happens to be the most preferred web framework by many developers. Among the key features of Django include the following:
  1. It has an authentication system which is in-built
  2. Django has a feature known as an automatic admin interface that helps developers to add, edit, and delete content according to customer’s preference.
  3. With Django, a developer can analyze patterns for URL in an application
  4. The system itself is simple but very powerful, making work easier for developers
  5. With Django, developers can easily store and recover data with the help of an object-oriented-programming language database feature.
  6. In Django, multiple cache mechanisms go hand in hand with cache frameworks
  • TurboGears
The main purpose of TurboGears is to help developers handle the poor performance of widely used web development frameworks. It is a full-stack web application for python frameworks that supports distinct web servers and databases, and it is data-driven. TurboGears triggers the software engines to start off the process of web application development without prior set-ups.
With TurboGears, developers can easily streamline web application development with the help of JavaScript tools. WebOb, SQLAlchemy, Genshi, and Repoze are some of the elements by which a developer can use to develop a web app in an easy and quick manner as compared to other frameworks. SourceForge, Bisque, and ShowMeDO are some of the establishments using TurboGears. TurboGear’s key features include the following:
  1. It has a multi-database support
  2. It has pasteScript templates and MVC-style architecture.
  3. The features involved are performed as function decorators
  4. The deployment of server and coordination of frontend design is easy due to the ToscaWdgets feature.
  5. The command-line tools are easily accessible
  • Bottle
The bottle is yet another python web framework that lies under small-scale frameworks. The framework was initially created for building web APIs. Bottle framework relies only on python standard library, and it performs everything on a single source document.  Other functions executed by the bottle include utilities, templating, abstraction over WSGI standard, and directing. The coding process is always closer to the metal when using a bottle framework. Developers can quickly come up with simple applications for personal use, and also they can create a suitable place for prototyping and learning frameworks. An excellent example of a brand using a bottle is Netflix. Among the features of the bottle include the following:
  1. It has high-performance capabilities courtesy of speed optimization
  2. Functions such as uploading files, accessing data, cookies, and other HTTP-related metadata are quickly established.
  3. The bottle has an inbuilt template engine and backing that speed up the process of web development.

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