10 Ways A Woman Will Find A Millionaire Man

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10 Ways A Woman Will Find A Millionaire Man

10 best places you can visit and things you can do to find a millionaire


If you did not mate or share with the strongest man, then you would die, or your offspring would die because of a wild animal that attacked or from the attacks of rival tribes as inherent in your psychology as a woman attracted by a man from resources.


Luxury steak number one what a man does not like to eat steak, and which rich man does not like to eat luxury steak or steak in luxury steaks, I feel good, search on Google wherever you live and discover that it is the best steakhouse in town we start going there, a drink at the bar, uh, the guy you're looking for in terms of a millionaire, maybe a guy who has a huge bill for his company will always go to the best steakhouse in town.

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Number two five-star hotel bar, which is the best hotel in the city where you live? The rich come to stay at the hotel. They tend to go down to the bar; even guys who live in your city and who may not come will probably have a business meeting.


If you live inland and you're not on the coast, but if you live on the coast, sailing has some of the richest people in the world who love sailing, so if you go and join a sailing club, even if it's just watching or to help or do something, you will be surrounded by these super-rich golf guys, so many rich people love golf, even if you are terrible, you will be a rich man who will love to come and help you and help you show and give if you get some tips spent on the golf course in Saturday afternoon or Sunday or maybe just mid-Sunday morning, these successful guys will try to get their attention.



The fifth tip, apply as a volunteer. Again, you don't have to go there and know how to donate money, but you can donate your time, and so you will briefly look at the guest list, get a party invitation and get free permission to mix it with a great super-rich way to get in there and see who offers all this money.


Number 6 is to sign up for club lounges at the airport so that all these airlines among you know if you have a regular flyer and generate enough points to go to clubs. At the same time, you wait. Rather than waiting for a plane in the general area, you can enter the VIP section of these airport lounges, such as American Airlines United British Airways Kansas, but try re-entering those rewards programs. Then, instead of going and waiting at the terminal for your plane to take off and wait at the clubs, there are rich guys, and the other thing remains only with the subject of aviation.


If you are and if you become a hostess now, obviously if you are a first-class hostess, a lot of first-class hostesses can marry rich guys just because they stay with all the rich on the other side of this thing is that you could work for a private airline company, I have a spiritual girl who just started dating a guy who was a close host to a private airline working overseas and met a guy on a plane, and they started seeing each other, and this guy has a $ 20 million house in Malibu and Los Angeles and flies with it all over the world.


Tip number eight is a job for the rich, twenty-two percent of married couples have met husbands at work, so you work for the rich, you know, you know rich people offer to work for them, you know the company you belong to? you know amazing millionaires and very successful people, try to get a job there again working, put yourself in the position of being surrounded by millionaires working for the rich


Tip number nine is getting rich friends you know so easily. Still, really if you don't meet rich people, you may need to make some new rich friends, find rich friends, make friends with them, become interested in them by their true friend. When you make friends with them, they will introduce you to their rich friends. Then those rich friends will introduce you to their rich friends and soon before you find out you are spending time with very rich, very rich people and the chance to meet her millionaire husband - be a partner who should be dramatically educated.


Tip number ten auction houses, whether it's an art auction or a very expensive house, or artifacts, or whatever else is going on there, and stay in the auction houses.

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