10 Trending Drink Bars You Need At Your Wedding Parties!

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10 Trending Drink Bars You Need At Your Wedding Parties!

Wedding, Celebrations and Drinks (Read: Liquor) go hand in hand. From a simple glass of sharbat at the afternoon Mehendi to something tantalizing on the Sangeet night, you’ve got to make sure that the your guests have a variety of options when it comes to the drink stations and bars. Keeping this in mind, we’ve put together ten different types bars that you can have at your wedding!

Check out these trending wedding drink bars you need at Indian Weddings:

1. Beer Bars

A couple of wheelbarrows scattered around the venue on a hot day mehendi makes it a lot more comfortable and accessible for the thirsty audience.

Image Source: 2Shopper

Just an anchor point where you’ve got chilled beers in a large rustic container for anyone walking by to pick up one for the way!

Image Source: Deer Pearl Flowers

2. Bubbly Bars

Talking about celebrations, it’s quite incomplete without popping the champagne. How about a corner of only the bubbliest drink and flutes to make it worth the while!

Image Source: J. Cogliandro Photography

Getting the sweet, tangy and fizzy Prosecco out for the guests, we promise they’ll only be drinking this all night and be super happy. 

Image Source: M and J Photography


3. Refreshing Drinks Bar

If you’re getting married in the summer, you’ve got to make sure that you’re guests are hydrated, coconut drinks station at a Thailand wedding sounds really tempting.

Image Source: James Frost Photography

Welcome drinks are super important, especially after the Baraat has danced like wild, they’d like a sip of some cold juice or a fresh mocktail.

Image Source: Exquisite Events

4. Shots & Shooters Bar

Say Shots! Shots! Shots! and see the excitement rise. It’s always free flowing and that’s why serving pre-made special drinks is a wise idea so no one has to wait!

Image Source: Aislinn Kate Photography

Test Tube shots with colorful liquids in it, totally attractive and easy to sip or should we say Chug!

Image Source: Emily Takes Photos

5. Flavoured Water & The Likes.

Flavored Water not only looks gorgeous, it gives the guests a taste that is much better than plain water! (Especially after a long hot day!)

Image Source: Thisbe Grace Photography

Pink Lemonade, Peach Ice Teas & Detox water are the new favorites for a summer wedding.

Image Source: One Love Photography

6. Cocktails Bar

An interesting choice for that one special cocktail bar, a Bloody Mary bar can do the magic when paired with your grills, Teppanyaki and tandooris.

Image Source: Marcie Lynn Photography

Another happy cocktail besides Mojitos and Long Island Ice Teas, Mimosas are here to stay!

Image Source: Katie Kime

7. Whiskey Bar

You’ve got to think about all the whiskey lovers who wouldn’t even turn to look at anything else. A wide assortment of Scotch, Whiskey and Bourbon for the win.

Image Source: Wylie Weddings

Make the whiskey bar interactive with this map describing the various tastes, after all, most conversations start around the bar, isn’t it?

Image Source: Paul Toeman Photographers

8. Sangria Bar

Always a favorite drink for those lengthy afternoon soirees. Select a sweet white wine sangria with fresh tropical fruits and do the area well.

Image Source: Deer Pearl Flowers

Giving your guests the option to choose from red or white Sangria. This is a sure shot winner.

Image Source: Shiny Happy Sprinkles

9. Coffee Bar

Endless coffees and chats, a do-it-yourself coffee machine surrounded by some sweet surprises is a great way to show your guests that you care.

Image Source: Fantabulousity

A ready to go cup styled coffee bar just makes them miss their everyday coffees lesser, while on a destination wedding!

Image Source: Jessica Sparks Photography

10. Wine Bars

A specially curated Chardonnay bar for all the guests who’d love to indulge in some sweet wine.

Image Source: Events by Elaine

Lay them all in wide tubs and let the guests help themselves, this works well for an intimate function!

Image Source: Rocky Mountain Weddings

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