10 Common Maternity and Nursing Bras Mistakes You Might Make
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10 Common Maternity and Nursing Bras Mistakes You Might Make

Pregnancy and new motherhood call for maternity bras and other comfortable maternity wear. Maternity and nursing bras are an important part of a woman’s journey through pregnancy and breastfeeding. They are literally a part of her support system as they provide physical support to her breasts when they need it the most!

In the quest to find the best feeding bra for themselves, women try different brands and different nursing bras. Yet, many women fail to get the best out of this wonderful piece of garment. The result is they don’t feel the comfort they deserve or don’t get the value out of the nursing bras. This is due to the common mistakes that women make in choosing, wearing, and caring for their maternity and nursing bras.

Here are the 10 common maternity and nursing bras mistakes you might make and which you should avoid!

Buying the wrong bra size.

This is a more common mistake than you might think. Lots of women wear a nursing bra that’s either too tight or too loose. Choose the right size by measuring yourself correctly and referring to the size chart for the brand of bra you are choosing.

Going for cheap nursing bra alternatives.

Sometimes women feel that investing in high-quality maternity and nursing bras is a waste of money since you will only be feeding for a short time. This is a mistake since bad quality can bring discomfort and even skin rashes and other problems.

Buying less than three nursing bras.

With the number of options available, mothers can buy lots of nursing bras. But an optimum number is at least three. You should have one bra for wearing, one for washing, and one as a backup. Anything below this, and you might find yourself without a bra when you need it!

Wearing nursing bras made from synthetic fabrics.

Synthetic fabrics can irritate the skin. If you are wearing a nursing bra in Singapore summers, you need fabric that is moisture-wicking and breathable. Airy fabrics make you feel comfortable.

Using harsh detergents for cleaning bras.

Motherhood is a tough job and the chores never seem to end. Washing your nursing bra with other clothes in the washing machine with a harsh detergent can shorten the life of your bras. Prefer to hand wash the bras. Even if you are washing them in the machine, use a lingerie mesh bag. Always use a mild detergent.

Drying your Washed Bras Incorrectly.

Drying in a machine can cause the bra to get damaged. The light padding on the bra as well as the straps can get stretched and cause early wear and tear. Line dry your bras, preferably keep them on a flat surface to dry.

Storing the Bras Incorrectly.

How you store your bras also impacts their life. Store bras when they are completely dry. Unwashed bras with milk stains on them should not be stored in a dark place.

Not Wearing a Bra When you Sleep.

Many women prefer not to wear a bra when they sleep. But when you are a breastfeeding mother, your breasts need good support and comfort even at night. The best option to wear when you sleep is a nursing sleep bra. It is soft, comfortable, and perfect for sleeping in and breastfeeding at night.

Not Buying a Sports Nursing Bra.

If you exercise without giving your breasts adequate support, they might sag and lose shape. This is why wearing a sports nursing bra is important.

Putting Up With Uncomfortable Bras.

Lastly, if your nursing bra is uncomfortable, you should not use it. Look for the size and style that brings you the most comfort.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can definitely get the most of your nursing bras and feel comfortable all through your journey of pregnancy and motherhood. 

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