05 Must-Have Sports Essentials for Muslim Athletes

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Wudhu Socks

If you are a sports enthusiast who likes to spend time outdoors embracing the winds of adventure blown by mother nature, then you probably already know how challenging it may sometimes get. Heat, rain, cold, thirst and hunger can negatively affect any athlete on any given day.

It always pays to be prepared. With this in mind, here is a list of six innovative products that are essential for Muslim athletes. They are certain to make your sports experience more satisfying!


TheCrazyCap Water Bottle:

This product is an absolute game-changer! The company aspires to provide clean, safe, and plentiful water to its customers. The bottle comes with an aluminum body fit with a cap equipped with filtration technology that uses LED light to destroy all pathogens and microorganisms. Moreover, it is completely rechargeable and mercury-free.


TheCrazyCap Bottle frees you to fill up with water outside your home, even in that sparkling stream you saw on your hiking trip. Give the cap a soft tap and lo and behold! Pure, potable, and crystal-clear water is available to quench your thirst and allow you to continue exploring.

Comes in 17 oz and 25 oz sizes which you can purchase from https://thecrazycap.com/collections/shop

The Wudhu SocksTM :

These socks are absolutely amazing! Not only are they 100% waterproof and breathable, 100% Shari’ah-Compliant, anti-odor, and antimicrobial, they are also totally comfortable and come in four stylish colors. Now observant Muslims can perform ablution without having to remove their socks: just wipe and go! When you are working out in the gym, riding your bike or even kayaking (!), you don’t need to take your socks off to perform wudu. And unlike old-fashioned leather socks that have been used for this purpose, they fit in your shoes and won’t make your feet sweat and stink.

The Wudhu Socks are the perfect feet companion for observant Muslims hoping to return from a rainy hike, bike or run without having their feet soaked in a horrible, wet and smelly mess. These socks take care of it all as they keep the feet warm, dry, and comfortable under all weather conditions, and allow convenient ablution besides!

Moreover, these socks are eco-friendly, being woven partially from bamboo fibers. A truly amazing ablution solution that allows you to comply with religious obligations and do sports at the same time, try The Wudhu Socks and you’ll be a believer.

BUY YOUR PAIR NOW FROM https://thewudhusocks.com/


Janji Transit Tech Cap:

Whether you are running, hiking, trekking, or playing cricket, tennis, badminton, or engaging in any other activity that exposes you to the sun for long periods of time, you need protection for your head! The Janji Transit Tech Cap is here for you: not merely a cap, it’s a complete head protector. Its breathable, moisture-wicking panel keeps the head dry and free of sweat. And a special coating applied to the fabric allows it to shed and repel water, keeping your noggin dry in even violent downpours.

The Janji Transit Tech Cap also comes with UPF 50+ protection that protects your face from prolonged exposure to sunlight that is so damaging to the skin.  Finally, Janji Cap comes with a small zipper pocket in which you can stow smaller essentials like keys, cash and credit cards. It’s safe to say that the Janji Transit Tech Cap is the best way to “use your head” while doing sports!

Purchase from: https://janji.com/products/transit-tech-cap-ss20-in-midnight


ASIYA Sports Hijab:

This is a proud Muslim brand that was providing Muslim women who share a passion for sports and athletics with a sporty-version of the hijab well before global brands like Nike deemed it necessary. Now that truly says something about both the brand’s innovation and concern for the Muslim community!

The ASIYA Sport is modest active wear that comes in a large assortment of 11 different colors! The product is manufactured from an ultra-light, sweat-wicking fabric that provides comfort and breathability to the wearer. It comes in two different sizes: One Size and a Youth Size to serve various age groups. It can be easily tucked inside the top of uniforms and uses a pull-on design that saves you from the hassle of securing the hijab with a bucket full of pins.

All in all, this is a very innovative product, designed to address observant Muslim women’s needs, so they can comply with religious obligations while enjoying their favorite sports, whatever they may be.

Get your ASIYA Sport now from https://www.asiyasport.com/collections/sports-hijabs/products/asiya-sport?variant=21187486056527


Sports Royal Blue and Black Structured Knit Jilbab by IslamicDesignHouse.com:

Just under 50 bucks, this Sports Jilbab is a complete fix for those seeking to do sports while following the commandments of Islam. It comes in blue and black color, giving the jilbab an elegant look and feel.

The front panel and sleeves and structure are knit with a gel print. It also has diagonally cut front pockets that allow the user to easily stow light essentials while engaged in physical activities. They come with a zipper so you don’t have to worry about accidentally dropping things while you are performing your absolute best on the court or the playing field.

Purchase now from http://ca.islamicdesignhouse.com/abayas-jilbabs/sports-royal-blue-and-black-structured-knit-jilbab/

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