"Get away from the people who limit you, and you will realize that anything is possible."

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"Get away from the people who limit you, and you will realize that anything is possible."
# 6 Don't accept being limited by HUMANITY!

I don't know if somebody in your life ever told you that you wouldn't be able to achieve what seemed to be difficult or almost impossible. But I believe that everyone has been there.

I can set a small example at one stage in my life. At the age of 16, I was in the third and final year of high school.

During this period of study, there was a big problem during the time I was studying, on a Wednesday afternoon, I decided to go out like my father.

Arriving close to the place where I wished to arrive, I did not expect an accident to happen to me and my father.

A car comes towards us, I ended up breaking my arm and twisting my foot, I rested for about 7 months.

After recovering, I went back to school, I was in all subjects.

Near the end of the year I had to study these 12 materials. I only had 7 days to study, and it was almost impossible and everyone believed in it, except me, I had a certain confidence that I would get it.

Many people laughed at me, teachers, colleagues, family, etc. I knew I couldn't let people treat me that way.

And that's when I showed that it was possible. making it through the year was the happiest day of my life.

And why am I telling a little of this story?

Because I had to separate myself from the people who limited me and get closer to the people who motivated me and that's how I managed to do it.

Of course, I studied a lot, I worked hard to reach that goal, except that I could see and understand that 70% depended on my mentality or my emotional and 30% was hard work, which was just studying.

As a result, if your mind feeds on good things, consequently your results will be great or perhaps excellent.

Delete negative thoughts, ideas, opinions, content and people, delete everything negative and replace it with positive things and always hope for something.

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