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About the platform

What's Mamby?

Mamby is a social network that offers a new way of discovering and sharing the content you like. This is possible through an unique and intelligent algorithm that gets to know you better as you interact with it and gradually adapts to your taste. The more you interact with the content you like on Mamby, the more personalized the recommendations will become. It’s simple, interact with what you like and we adapt to you. In addition, with simple filters, Mamby allows you to customize the type of content you want to see: photos, video, links and articles, as well as the possibility of marking your interests and enabling or disabling adult content.

Why post on Mamby?

At Mamby, we believe that people should be rewarded for their creativity and value-adding expressions: are you a photographer, designer, cook, gardener, etc...? do you have a blog or a hobby you want to share? Publish your creations on Mamby and you will receive an economic compensation (in Bitcoin) for it, thus becoming an additional source of income and a gateway to generate visibility for your activity.

We are building a creative, positive and solid community where you can enjoy and share the content you like, and feel comfortable to show your creative skills to the world. From a simple image to video or even a blog, Mamby allows you to express yourself in different ways by choosing what suits your taste and receiving money for it.


Can I promote my publications?

You can promote the contents you publish on Mamby as much as you want, whether you share them on your social networks and YouTube channels or by simply commenting on them to your friends and family. However, bots and traffic exchangers are forbidden.

Why are traffic exchangers not allowed?

We consider traffic from sources like, and any other traffic exchange system illicit, because they provide empty traffic that doesn’t help our community in any way. However, you are free to share your publications in any social networks without any issue at all.

Does Mamby have a referral system?

There is no referral system on Mamby (and there won’t be one in the future) because we pay a very high amount for every visit to your publications. However, other members of our community can subscribe to one or more of the boards you have created if they like the content you post on them. They will receive a notification anytime you publish new content on the board, and this increases your likelihood to receive more visits.

How can I get more visits in Mamby?

Publish original and eye-catching content. Make yourself known in the platform, visit other publications and comment them to get to know new people and exchange ideas. Don’t forget to share your content with your friends and through social networks!

We don’t pay visits generated with bots or traffic exchangers, any use found will lead to an account ban.

Use of the platform

How do I withdraw my earnings from Mamby?

You need to have a Bitcoin address and wallet, then once you have activated monetization in Mamby, you will see relevant information like your earnings and visits to your posts in the Monetization section of the platform. To withdraw your earnings, you must provide your Bitcoin address in the “Bitcoin Address” field and then you must press the WITHDRAW button which is placed right next to the “Bitcoin Address” field.

I forgot my password, how do I recover it?

To recover your password you must have set an email address previously. Click on “Recover login password”, then provide your username and email address set in your account. Finally, complete the captcha and click on RECOVER.

I don't have Bitcoin and I don't know if it's used in my country

Bitcoin is a global electronic currency that can be converted to any local currency depending on its capitalization in the market. You can easily know the value of any Bitcoin on It’s necessary to have a Bitcoin wallet or address in order to withdraw your accumulated rewards on Mamby platform. If you do not have a Bitcoin wallet, you can get one by accessing any crypto-currency exchange platform, where they provide you with a Bitcoin address for deposits and will allow you to convert the Bitcoin to your local currency.

Spam in the platform

How can I avoid spamming?

If you don’t want your comments to be marked as spam (unwanted), avoid commenting on the same publication without contributing anything new. Redundant and repetitive comments such as visit my profile, subscribe to my board, give me likes, visit my publications, etc. are considered spam. There are cases in which the system does not detect this type of comments as spam, but if it detects them, you may be tagged as a spammer. We recommend you comment as you normally would in a publication that you like, and your comments must be related to the publication in question.

What happens when the system marks my comments as spam?

If the system flags you as a bot or spammer, your visits won't count for monetization and your account may be temporally or permanently banned.

Is it allowed to organize in groups to exchange visits?

Mamby pays for each visit that every publication receives, any abuse of this system is prohibited therefore users abusing the system will be permanently banned. So, if users organize in groups to exchange visits between themselves in order to gain more money, then everyone involved may have their accounts restricted or permanently banned.

Terms & Conditions, Cookies and rules of use

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