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Do you have a blog or a hobby you want to share? Are you a photographer, designer, cook, gardener, etc...? Publish your creations or tutorials on Mamby to generate visibility for your activity and you will receive an economic compensation for it.
We are already 55,587 users!

Why Mamby?

create · share · earn money All in one place

Easy to use, easy to create
From a simple picture to video or even a blog, Mamby allows you to express yourself in different ways by choosing what suits you better. Publish relevant and creative content to engage users with related interests.
A community to discover and be discovered
We are building a creative, positive and solid community where you can enjoy and share the content you like. Feel comfortable to show your creative skills to the world. Mamby offers you access to a wider range of users and increases your website traffic thanks to our SEO optimization system.
Bitcoins as a reward!
Whether you are an initiated or just interested in getting your first cryptocurrencies, Mamby makes it easy to generate a passive income from your content. Mamby will pay your account earnings directly with Bitcoin.

Other features

Get the most out of your experience with our functionalities

Enriched posts

Create your publications inserting images, videos, your favorite music and even code excerpts in the body.


We are a platform that rewards your creativity. Unlock the possibility of earning profits with the content you create.

Machine Learning

We have an intelligent algorithm that learns as you use the platform and recommends content based on your interests.


Organize your favorite publications in different collections both to have them at hand and to be a source of inspiration.


You can have as many independent profiles as you want within the same account. You will be able to enjoy or share content with different themes and audiences.


With a few simple filters, Mamby allows you to customize the type of post you want to see: photos, video, links and articles.


Mamby has the numbers you need to find out how your creations are performing and discover how your posts are being received.

Internal promotion

Promote your creations within the platform and you will reach other users faster. You will increase your visualizations and earnings.

Adult content

At Mamby we let you decide, with each profile, if you want to see adult content or hide it in a quick and easy way.

Featured Mambers

Top 10 month creators

Our top-rated creators are already generating earnings on Mamby. Do you dare to try and beat the ranking record?


Start now enjoying the full Mamby experience. You will be able to cancel at any time.

For much less than a coffee a day you can enjoy all of Mamby's features and start monetizing your creations.

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This plan allows us to offer you the best tools and to keep on improving

Creation of posts

Performance statistics

Unlimited exclusive content

Your publications can receive donations

Monetization of posts


This plan allows you to receive donations and makes it possible to reward the efforts of creators

Creation of posts

Performance statistics

Unlimited exclusive content

Your publications can receive donations

Monetization of posts


With this plan you will not be able to support the creators you like so much

Creation of posts

Performance statistics

Unlimited exclusive content

Your publications can receive donations

Monetization of posts


Increase your monetization by inviting your friends

You can have two types of invitations for your contacts: one month invitations to try out all the Creator subscription features or to enjoy unlimited access to your content. Discover the differences and get the most out of your account.


Invite your friends to try 1 month for free

When you have an active plan, we will give you monthly trial invitations to give to whoever you want so they can enjoy a free month on Mamby.


Your exclusive content, for whoever you want

You will be able to refer as many friends as you want to enjoy only the content you create in Mamby. If they have no subscription, they will have limitations in the rest of the content.

Mamby: Create, share, monetize.

You know that you have a creator inside you and that you can do your bit? Contact us for a free trial of the Creator plan.

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