Passion powered

Mamby is a new way to discover the content you love.

Powered by an artificial intelligence algorithm, the more you use Mamby, the better it gets to know you. So, what does that mean for you?

The more you interact with content you love, the more you’ll find content tailored just for you. Imagine a feed that isn’t cluttered with media that doesn’t suit your style - that’s the magic of Mamby!

From images to videos, quotes and GIFs, you’re sure to find something that’ll spark some inspiration - or even a ferocious belly laugh.

Mamby is Your Biggest Fan

We believe that brave individuals should be rewarded for their creative expression. And that’s why Mamby gives back to those who post their content for the world to see.

When the content you create gets a view, you get paid because we believe your work is worth it.

A Creative Community

Our goal is to encourage a positive, creative community where you can enjoy content that matters to you, without the distraction of media that doesn’t add value to your life.

Join the community today and stop settling for less than exactly what you want!

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